OK Here we go Inf views on BOWMAN ??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by machiavelli, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Involved as i am somewhere in the Inf BOWMAN cycle i want to hear from all their views on it so far .............
    No i cannot buy you another Comms System - if i had the money i wouldnt be doing this fu??$ing job would i..

    Abuse aside any feedback on usage in / on ops and training would be appreciated.

    Lets get started..................
  2. I'm currently in Helmand Province in Afghan and my view of the Bowman is it is utterley sh1te. We are lucky if we get over 6k out here with it and that's on 20 watt output. It is not soldier proof either. Tac Sat is excellent and PRC 320 is much better then Bowman. Apparantly Bowman works well in the UK. That'll be fine if we ever have another civil war then!!!
  3. Fallschirm - do tell ? WORSE than a 320 ?!
  4. Have used it on tour before and as soon as we got away from our base couldn't get comms with anyone.

    No one I knew had faith in it. Found it a tad to complicated for me but then again no-one had the chance to give me much training on it.

    Edited to say sorry am not inf. So disregard my last.
  5. I'm a Sigs NCO in the TA, any news on when conversion courses will be available at Warminster? I love it there, cushy courses, nice accomodation and lots of squaddie cock hungry bints in the local area - and that's just by hanging round the married quarters long enough!!
  6. You've never had a real girfriend before have you cutsy? By real... I mean female?
  7. Bowman? Crikey heck as like back when it were black n white we used semaphore. Tell that t' kids o t'day an they dint beleive a word o it! Y' dint na thee is born ya wee nippers. :D
  8. ah ha... :S
  9. Warrior Poet,

    I'm the respectable gent - away from the army environment, girlfriend, kids and such like. When I'm in uniform like now in the TA, or in my regular days, something kicks in mate and I just become a slag!!
  10. The limitations of the BMN system up to company level were known some years ago. That is why a replacement was planned. Sadly, this replacement (ISD 2009) is, apparently, in danger of cancellation or "descoping". Probably politically incorrect to approve a replacement before BMN delivery has been completed.
  11. If tht little button pad doesnt stop pressing itself in my day sack i'll shoot the fcuker. Comms in afghan i agree are about as good as using argos action man walkie talkies underwater.

    I used my mobile to ring home yesterday. That fits into my pocket and weighs a couple of grams. It cost me £100 and if i drop it in a puddle it still works!
  12. Bet it cost a bit to call home though.
  13. Im all for the mobile phone, far more realiable and no one needs any training on it! surly a secure version can be invented
  14. Take 2 wrote:

    Im all for the mobile phone, far more realiable and no one needs any training on it! surly a secure version can be invented

    Yes... its called BOWMAN...
  15. Er, yeah. Good idea, mobile phones for everyone, you could use regimental numbers for phonenumbers!!!.

    One minor problem. It is called Infrastructure. Ie. Who will put up all the masts and then control the network of 100's of concentrators and trunk links.