OK Hands Up, Whos Bought One?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by dingerr, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. For Daddy's special little boy!

    Mong Suit
  2. £129? You can get them spamside for $169. Rip off Britain at work again. I've been offering my services for $100 a time to stand behind a gamer with a 5 ft wrecking bar my hand for a slightly more authentic feel. The trick is to hit them hard enough to create traumatic amnesia (so they ask you back again) but not so hard that they end up playing Steven Hawking's Spack Chariot Racer for the rest of their lives.
  3. I suppose the idea has legs - we could remote Helmand/Basrah back to a hanger in Brize and save a fortune on Tristar and Omni Air flights. Combatants could then play COD4 against each other during luls in the battle as a training aid.

    What utter pish.
  4. So it knocks you off your feet does it?

    Still nothning there to protect a Head Shot then?
  5. I bet George Bush has got one!
  6. hmmmm these people want to know what its like to be shot in the chest im sure their must be a few fig.11's that want a day off.......
  7. Ah, but do they have one that recreates the effect of being bored off your tits in a sangar for 3 hours?
  8. He already is a mong in a suite
  9. The journo sounded really convinced!

  10. I wonder if it simulates having a foot ripped off by a landmine? No ... thought not. Any gamers want me to hide under their desk with a hatchet to add that effect please PM me ... always happy to oblige someone wanting realism :D
  11. Thanks, I've now got coffee all over my keyboard! :D
  12. Somehow i doubt that it'll give an accurate feeling of a sucking chest wound (not that i've had one mind)
  13. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Better to get an old crash helmet and a mate to tw@t you around the back of the head with a cricket bat every time you "die"...
  14. lmao!!

    some bloke in our office is a 'gotta get the new' stuff and he was bigging it up...glad i seen it, now online i can imagine him looker a bigger cnut so i'll save a bit more time and aim for the spleen!!

    seriously though if they bring out a crutch version i'm in!
  15. Spend a day on e-Goat