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OK Guys Here Goes. The return Of Rifleman PUN Victoria Cross

Guys this can be a seperate thread if you think it is appropriate! PM me or (fast ball as he doesn't know it yet PTP)

Our Country has many living Heroes, but one of our 13 living Victoria Cross holders, Ghurka Rifleman PUN VC aged in his late 80's, has finally after an extensive campaigne by members of ARRSE and PPRuNe been granted a visa for himself his wife and son to enter the UK and recieve the rightful hospitality and medical care he rightly deserves from our nation, a debt which should have been paid to him and his family in a heartbeat.
Mr Pun VC will arrive at Heathrow terminal 3 1755 on July 4th flight VS 301 courtesy of Mr Branson and the Daily Mirror He will be accompanied by his wife and son. We are trying to organise a reception at the VIP area, details will follow. We are expecting at least 500 people (ex and serving military personnel) to meet this extraordinary man, whom i am sure we have all spent our military careers trying to emulate, but have failed. If you wish to meet Mr Pun VC and shake his hand at a private reception afterwards then please mail me, and i will send details of the reception etc to you by private mail. I will not give out details publically (it will be close to but not at Heathrow Airport). Also this way we can get an idea of the numbers of people interested in coming.

This is a once in a life time opportunity to meet one of those guys that helped us remain an independant country, and the more people there to clap as he walks through the better. Some of you will be away on det or business, send me your names and we will have our absent friends names on a banner. Please make the journey if you can, we will have a great time for a beer afterwards (at last you can get to meet like minded ARRSER's and PPRuNeR's even if you've disagreed in the past) Journo's will be excluded from the reception, except Jacko!! If any names appear that you are concerned about in terms of security then please flag up.
Please pm me or ask on this thread for me to 'PM you 'and twill be done'
Yours in great anticipation

I went for lunch today with the 4 Senior Partners at Howes solicitors, a greater bunch of guys you could not wish to meet. The banter was flying as quick as it would have done in military circles (infact i felt a bit under the weather and was slow in comparison). They have 100 staff!! - not a small outfit and deal with everything except divorce. Any snags, please call these boys, they will be much better than that guy we made a millionaire in Lincolnshire (G Blades was it??)

Hiya Tigs.

Kieran flashed over the details. Sorry been out tonight as I had to take a mate to Selly Oak Hospital, as he thought he was having another heart scare. Turns out he's ok, but it gave me a chance to speak to some of the short haired one limb missing guys in wheelchairs having a crafty fag in the A+E Ambulance park.

It really comes home, from Pun to the present day. I know we all wear or have worn uniform, but there is always someone who has given more than yourself, and always will be. Humbling experience , really humbling.

We can't do enough for our colleagues and friends, from that day to this.

Any danger of an invite to committ aviation Tigs? :D
Sadly I cant be there as I'm working so please pass on my thanks to the great man.Lets make him walk tall again after restoring his faith in the country he fought for.
Would love to be there to meet The Man! But work and stuff beckons and a can't be ducked.

Please shake Mr Pun's hand for me and all the other abcenties Tigs :D
We, my son and I, are interested Tigs,
(I'm having problems with sending PMs at the moment - they stay in my outbox for a day or two before deciding, in their own time, to visit the addressee)

edited to add: Please check PM's Tigs
rockape34 said:
We, my son and I, are interested Tigs,
(I'm having problems with sending PMs at the moment - they stay in my outbox for a day or two before deciding, in their own time, to visit the addressee)

edited to add: Please check PM's Tigs

Have them sent to the Johhnygurkha@yahoo.co.uk e-mail address as you have access to the e-mail account.
I have a horrible feeling I will be working that day. If I can be there I will, full suit and crab air beret. If not, please Tigs add my name to the 'Absent Friends' banner.

Just got in from the local and myself and 2 ex-mob mates have lifted a beer for Mr Pun VC on this anniversary of his heroic action.
There is always room for a representative civvy:)

The rest of you chaps, i am not ignoring you, we are hoping to firm up details tomorrow so that a post to you will be meaningful.
Leveler,we were all civies once.Even our parents & some civies,like yourself,Howe & co ect care more than most.
Besides,you're getting the first round in!(recommend going to see bank manager for a loan first ,£1000 should do it!lol)
leveller said:
Would love to be there, but I dont think there is a need for representative civi LOL.

I don't think this is a case of "us mil or ex-mil, you civvi". This should be a case of a cross-section of the UK achieving something.

Get yer butt down there.

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