OK Genuine help needed guys so please...

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by crabbage_patch_kid, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. ...the thread title IS a p1ss take (it worked for remeGF!) but the following is NOT;

    There is a thread running in Current Affairs, Clicky in which Part_Time_Pongo asked;

    IMHO the British public love nothing more than a bandwagon to jump on. So...it is my intention to provide them with one.

    The idea at the moment is a glorified web "guest book" in which members of the public can go on to the site and leave a message of support for the boys and girls of the armed forces for all to read. I realise there have been things like this before BUT I have a couple of connections which may just push it into the public eye a little more. It's not much but it's a start and if it works half as well as the Tony Blair Leaving card I'll be very pleased. As for how to keep them there and keep them coming back, no idea at the minute!

    So Ladies and Gents of Arrse what do you think? All ideas and suggestions more than welcome, feel free to take the p1ss and have fun with it. Many thanks all.


    P.S. I have emailed BadCO and he has given me his blessing to post about this.

    Edit: First things first, I need a catchy name for this thing....?
  2. Good luck, it sounds like a good idea.

    One word of advice though, get a lot of help.

    You'll need to filter every message 'cause you won't be wanting shitty messages from twats and porn site spam on there. So every message will have to be checked first.

    If it gets the response you're hoping for thats a lot of checking.
  3. not much or a name but maybe a slogan "they are someones son/daughter, father/mother, brother/sister, grandson/granddaughter support them' maybe.. maybe something along those lines...

    iv seen in US they organize the dates when troops are landing in civi airports so that random people can go and show their support...

    like i said in the thread linked above, im not serving yet, but if i saw any troops in uniform id clap and shake their hands
  4. Trouble is getting people off their arrse is nigh on impossible, but it's something to keep in mind for the future...thank you.

    What about something along the lines of "ISY" standing for "I Support You" bit naff I know which is why I am asking for suggestions!
  5. Understood. Thanks. On that point any offers of help are more than welcome too!

  6. WWW.OURTHANKS.CO.UK is available
  7. ido.gb.com

    are all also available...
  8. On another line, merchandise, any ideas, I asked my little brother about wrist bands who informed me that they were "f**king sh1t and gay" which was me told...other ideas?
  9. A range of Tshirts/sweatshirts with the slogan SOT in a variety of styles and fonts? Nothing else on the shirt except that, no flags, weblinks, pictures etc just the slogan.

    SOT = Support Our Troops.

    Just an idea.
  10. A very good one, I was thinking along the same lines i.e. campaign slogan/phrase etc. but nothing too obvious.
  11. It could also mean Sod Off Tony :) or any number of other meanings..
  12. I like that A LOT! Although I should point out that the site is supposed to be NON POLITICAL however...if people choose to attribute different meanings who am I to stop them?! :wink:
  13. sot.uk.com is available.
  14. How about ISOT then? That is still unused.