OK genuine Help needed guys so please....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RemeGF, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Ok guys i need to help a good friend out, now Yeah your all gonna go, NOOOOOOO after i say this but please, for the love of god and my sanity, please please help me...

    My friend is involved with a yank, she hasnt heard from him in 2 months, he is deployed, does anyone out there have any advice on how to go about maybe gettin some sorta contact with him, I dont know how the yanks work.

    Any Genuine help or advice is appreciate and welcome

    (if this doesnt go in here, Please feel free to kick me in the ass and move it)

  2. Ever thought that she might not have heard from him because he doesn't want to contact her?
    Right that's my Dear Deidre bit done so why don't you fcuk off back to Lonely Hearts?
  3. Excuse me mate i didnt ask you to reply to this so if you dont have anything useful or even bloody civil to say, shut the fcuk and let someone else try and help.
  4. I'm sorry, but I must have missed the sign on the door that says 'We will find the guy who sh@gged you, or your money back..."

    He's had his fun and now he's off. Get over it.
  5. It it aint me, im just tryin to help a friend out, i was kinda thinking the same thing myself, she is driving me nuts, going on about it
  6. Thats a clue on how the relationship is going :roll:
  7. No Comment, i just wanna help her either get over it, you lot know women, they need closure or some sorta crap.....
  8. Sprechen sie English ?
  9. Firstly I'm not your mate and secondly who exactly were you asking? Try looking in the members list for "Concerned_Of_Norwich" or "Bovvered_Of_Chavsville"

    Sign on to RearParty.
  10. Are you Welsh ?
  11. What is your problem????

    Are you gay and dont like women?????
  12. Throw one up her or munch on some rug, depending on what sex you are that should give the bleeding heart doris some closure. How much more closure does she need apart from the door that she didnt see hit her in the face when Joe 90 did one 2 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. No im not Welsh, I want her to get over it but she is not going to do that until she speaks to him and he tells her, sorry love, i had my fun, now i just want to be left alone
  14. Good point, very good point....... My thoughts exactly, im just too nice to hurt her
  15. No and No. I'm just not too keen on you. Stop your whining and do one. Put your Just Seventeen type posts where they belong - Lonely hearts or The Arrsehole.