OK Fess up who knows me and what the heck is this about ????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by gibson097, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Text of a PM I recieved....


    My name is miss Rita mbaye,i am single and 5.8ft.How are you,
    i hope your are find and in sound health.I went through your profile today
    and i took interest on it. I am interested in your profile, we seem to have a lot in common. Kindly contact me.
    I will tell you more about myself and picture

    so who is Nelly ? (apart from the obvious mate)
  2. Just a guess here - but another version of a '419' - identity theft plus 'I am in Nigeria, I want to meet up but I need the airfare'.......
  3. Apparently she has been doing the rounds and PM' ing various men on the site - so unfortunatly you are not alone Gibson
  4. Thing that worries me about "Rita" is having read my profile she finds much in common with me.

    "Guns Girls and Beer but not in that order" is all it says ?? Maybe she is the girl for me :)
  5. Ah well Gibbo there was you thinking your charm and personality had been felt through the ether
  6. Yes mate Im wounded. :(

    However mustnt grumble simply check out the QA clown on E-bay via the Int Cell thread and smiles all round
  7. Don't recognise the tw@, do you?
  8. Its ringing bells and my mate here at work recons he knows him but cant put a name to the face. Do a quick search through e-bay history and see what you think to the story regarding work etc. Seems to have bought and sold a few cars of late. bit of a spiv (Tw@)
  9. and we are in the ARRSE hole because ?
  10. ..............because you are an ARRSE hole.

    Oh, and you are a boring cnut, now send me your e-mail address and a pair of your soiled boxers.
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Its the best place for this discussion. All the best people come here! BBD is a regular!
  12. So Gibson097 did you feel wanted by that PM? Or do you have that many Girls hanging on to every word you say that you did not notice. I think the answer to that must be the latter coz of this post, but hey it is always good for a giggle aint it.
  13. Clearly up to my neck in birds at every given moment.

    Geordie Blerk thanks mate your a very special person..?