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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by benjaminw1, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Right I am on a public access computer (in a School library) and am going to see if I can get some info on my local TA unit in the guise of a IT savvy 18 year old....

    First TA in seach engine - good - gets to army jobs page -

    Takes for ever to load - dunno why - too fancy flash stuff probably

    Put "TA" in "search for" get a pile of info 38 articles 54 jobs pretty quick

    Hmm further define my search methinks "TA (my county)"

    Eh? 9 articles on AMS (none in this county) and one on INT CORPS (none ditto)
    same 54 jobs as above (evidently I can be a TA mounted Cavalry in this neck of the woods, I didn't know that, they must be hiding the horses somewhere)

    Back to the drawing board try "TA local units" Bingo?...

    ..or not nice article on what a "local TA unit" is but no way of finding my local unit, pish.

    Bored now - off for a game of footy - try RNR next....

    Absolute pants - what happened to the put your post code in a box and get units near you thingy??
  2. One Army Recruiting .......

    Get to the armyjobs page, follow the contact us link and there is a "find units near me" linky.

    Go to that, enter your postcode and it will bring up any units near you, ACIOs, ACF units etc.

    Somewhere near the bottom of that lot it lists TA units.

    Is it a bonk way of doing things? I couldn't say.

    It doesn't seem very intuitive to some.
  3. Thanks FB

    Did as you said, put in (the default) 20 mile radius of this location and got...

    "Page Not Found
    This page has either been moved or deleted. Please go to the Army Jobs Homepage."

    which put me back to square uno

    So tried 40 miles - same result


    Double pants!
  4. I don't know where you are but try doing a search on Google or somewhere for 'RFCA' and the area that you live in (if no luck try the region, ie RFCA London). They might have a better list of units.

    It's still pants though, you'd think they would have tested this before release...
  5. Thanks TA-Sig

    Too Old
    Done my bit, got my little badge from the Under Secretary of State...

    But I am an education librarian and have lots of eager young men and women in my hands (oh er missus &c.), who do "everything" on the net with attendant attention span problems.

    Our local TA unit is down to 8 bods according to the local rag, so I was doing a little experiment to see if a student around 17/18 who was a bit interested could find the details of the unit not half a mile from my desk, and the answer is no....

    Army and TA web is pants thricely.

    BTW straw poll 5 boys and 5 girls year 13 (upper sixth for old fogies)

    Q "What do you call the part time army?"
    A 6 not a clue 4 TA's - not a "reserve army" in sight...
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Have you spoken to your local units., I am sure they will be able to provide you with some literature...

  7. Just tried a similar google search. Very poor results.

    First search:
    <<join the TA>> Only showed some signals units and reme.

    Well our imaginary student rather fancies infantry in his county so then tried:

    <<TA staffordshire join infantry>>
    This provided a promising looking link:
    Which mentioned TA at the bottom of the page so followed the link and got this:
    which gives a very general idea of what infantry is but wait there's another link were I can "Find out more":

    Guess what - page not found - go to the Army jobs homepage. :roll:
  8. I tried to find units near me when I was trying to look up my unit's address... I had been on the page before, but it took me ages to find it again. It's good they're more 'one army', but it seems to be at the expense of the TA, there's no easy way of finding out about it - "contact us" usually leads to a form (if people are just browsing, they're not going to want to do something that may lead to commitment/hassle from recruiters), it isn't the obvious place to look. Maybe there should be a 'regiments near you' link or something like that, with local TA and regular units featured.
  9. Astonishing - a response already!

  10. Thanks MSR

    I am a school librarian and just doing an experiment in the guise of a student, who will not necessarily ask me about the TA...

    The Army jobs website "should" do the job, it "doesn't" it is, to coin a phrase

    "not fit for purpose"
  11. To join in the experiment - join the TA in google search engine got the following first 5 hits:






    So REME it is!!

    Question - how do google know that I was in REME and that they are the results I would like IF (and I don't!!) I wanted to join TA?
  12. Dear All,

    The point seems to be missed here.

    Yes we can help someone to get to what they want, but what about all the people who don't know about this website? They are now down the pub, playing footie or whatever rather than being able to join easily.

    Obviously the people who created the website did so in their "spare time". Wonder what they do in their day job?

  13. Correctamundo GH

    When we last looked at the Local TA webbie thang, a year or so ago, a nice MODette came on and we did some fiddling with the Old Skool site to get it better and more accurate...

    So change for changes sake an it don't work ffs...
  14. Just tried the postcode search thing under the 'Contact Us' link: 404 Page not found. Not impressed one iota.

    Does anyone out there know how to get recommendations for changes to the army websites staffed up the Chain of Command? No, f-that, does anyone know how to go straight to the horses mouth and encourage them to change it directly?

    Looks to me that three very simple things need to happen:

    1. The 'In Your Area' needs to be included as a separate tab along the titlebar at the top - very easy to do. (No reason why the link to it can't stay within the 'Contact Us' section as well.)

    2. References to the TA throughout the rest of the site (e.g. How Do I Join? / Roles and Ranks / Regular v Territorial ) should be accompanied by a link within the text that says: 'Search for your nearest TA unit here (linking to 'In Your Area').

    3. FFS!!! Get the bleedin' postcode search engine working properly!!!!
  15. Added: Actually - I think the new site is very good and a big improvement on the old one: very professional-looking and highly interactive with plenty of interesting content. I think it has been turned into a very powerful recruiting tool, and so long as these genuine concerns from the TA recruiters are taken into consideration and resolved, I don't think we'll really have much to complain about.