OK could not find the old thread -- Medals

Whats going on , seems to me there is a lot of self awarding going on here :!: :!: :!: , all these medals appearing on the chests of certain individuals(all singalong now----- row of 40 medals on his chest , big chest :!: )

Now not wishing to gripe however, being somewhat of very brave type myself , and very handsome also, who cuts a hell of a dash in anything military, (even a tank) I am getting a little peaved with all this lowering of standards...off with them I say or post your citations 8O

ARRSE deserves better than this :!:

psssst now where do I find them :?:
He is the god of Cut and paste, nothing more, Brummie turd :D

Look at the gongs on Guy Gibsons Headstone.... jesus
It means he wants to eat you all up.

Yum yum.
Bet the dogs name can't be mentioned on here without the swear filter getting hold

The bloody BBC editted it out of the Dambusters last time it was run on a Sunday afternoon.

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