Ok chaps, this is not on!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by TheLordFlasheart, Apr 9, 2004.

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  1. Why whats your point flash? little lost all the ariel taxi drivers I know love to blow there own trumpet 8)
  2. Come on Flashy. This is only one level above Tigger 'agree'-ing with everything on here just cos he is p1ssed and bored. Don't show the oiks where the nicer boys hang out - there'll be trouble. :roll:

  3. Another one with no sense of ha ha 8O
  4. Tigger, wtf are you doing in here? At least Hinecap knows someone connected with aviation. :wink:

    You seem to be following me around the board. Do you fancy me or summit?
  5. Flashy - you know that if you have a pulse that Tigger will fancy you. Come on man - smell the coffee!!!! Its Tigger - he even fancies me.
  6. Its the Old Spice Flash :lol: 8) :wink:
  7. Its the Old "Something" Flash :roll:
  8. ok Dale I omit the "Spice" and replace it with limp thingy :roll:
  9. Lippy - is that a "limp thingy" that smells of cat wee and trainers?????? Why do all men smell like that?????
  10. Its one of those old unanswered questions Dale. Ask ex-dvr.... 8) :wink:
  11. That so deserved a reply...........I had one but i think of myself as respectable.........it also cast aspersions on feminine hygiene :wink:
  12. Now your being silly :wink:
  13. No...just brutally honest 8)
  14. blimey your brutal AND honest??
    Got a solicitor? :wink: