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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. I've seen all kinds of stuff on here denigrating the Pioneers. What gives? Over here, we have a Pioneer Platoon as part of every infantry battallion. (I think, I'm Armd., and so don't care about trackgrease unit org much.). Here they are seen as ultra nails. Even get to wear cool beards w/o doc chit. Why are they seemingly abhorred in the UK? Does our esteem for them come from our much more recent pioneer heritage? I know that the last British homeland "pioneer" practiced slash and burn farming about 700 yrs before the Romans. Is this why they have a neanderthal stereotype over there? Clue me in, guys.
  2. We don't knock them. But if they'd paid more attention at school, they could have become real Sappers.
  3. Hello,

    you appear to be confusing "assault pioneers" of infantry regiments with the Pioneer Regiment of the Royal Logistic Corps.
    The former consists of infantrymen who breach obstacles and perform other tasks,the latter is a multirole military unit of labourers and artisans.
    See here:


    I am sure there are others here who can give you better information.

    Regarding your last comment,I have no idea what you are talking about,please explain.

  4. There are two different versions of "pioneers" within the British Army: Assault Pioneers- who are part of an infantry battalion (pioneer sergeant gets to wear a cool beard) and what used to be the Royal Pioneer Corps (RPC). RPC, often referred to as the "Chunkies", were labour troops, who did a lot of unskilled semi-skilled work. They were generally looked down on by the rest of the army as being thick. However, despite being green slime, i had some excellent mates in the chunks. We were too clever and academic, they were, as previously said too thick. In my own case we quite often had a meeting of minds. One of the jobs the RPC did in Northern Ireland was to act as gate guards at Lisburn Garrison. I was on duty as orderly staff sergeant on fine sunny saturday night. I knew a few of the RPC lads from a previous posting and was standing at the gate chewing the fat when I saw this gorila like object swing through its arms approaching the gate. The guard room phone rang the RPC corporal answered: after preliminary greetings conversation went as follows:

    "Sorry Staff I've spotted him but he's just got in a taxi"

    "Unknown reply"

    "Too late it's driven off"

    Gorilla gets to secure taxi phone, hangs about for a couple of minutes gets picked up and disappears.

    "Thank Christ for that" says the corporal.

    "Eh" says I (demonstrating the slime high command of the English language.)

    "The phone call was from the monkeys (Military Police) asking us to stop this guy from the Black Watch who had just laid out the Commanding General's close protection squad. He was to be charged with Grievous Bodily Harm."

    "Unhh" says I (as above - command of language)

    "I thought I'd anticipate things a bit and save us alla bit of bother" says "thick" chunk corporal.
    "Nae borra" says slime staff sergeant; and we admired the evening.

    I think you can find the concept of pioneers on Wikipedia, hopefully my old soldier's anecdote might give you an insight into the British Army atitude. Best of Luck
  5. Not that i am judging anyone but most people i have showed this post to have said "god that is so true" which rather makes me glad to be a sapper
  6. :D :D :D


    I used to do that duty, what a laugh. You could write a book on Thiepval Bks and the chunkies. The part I hated was trying to clear the NAAFI Club, don't recall it's name now.

    I had 4 great years there from '80 to '84. Great posting
  7. Puttees is absoloutely correct. The chunks were, by and enlarge, good lads. They were not, however, much blessed with the old grey matter.
  8. Ah, I see... 2 kinds of Pioneers. We have the equivalent of "Chunks" in our Army, too_Ones who do all the sandbag filling, digging, gate guard, and other sh ite jobs. We call them Infanteers.
  9. Many years ago, doing demolitions of old ammo, we had a few pioneers to fill sandbags and so on. There was also a pile of sand to put in the bags. Come lunchtime, we are all sat eating sarnies and a couple of the chunks were digging sand and starting another pile. When asked what the ferk they were doing the answer was, "practicing"....... They were keen, those lads.
  10. Similar thing in Rheindahlen during the 1980’s.

    Someone thought it would be a good joke to put the Green Slime and Chunkie junior ranks in the same accommodation block. The Chunkie lads did RP duties on the garrison and they would always tip us the wink when there was going to be a night time block check to make sure we didn’t have any women in there. Good lads.

    If I recall correctly there was an Int Corps corporal, basic training DS for a while, who had his PV withdrawn after the repeated application of his fists to someone’s face (which the recipient most likely deserved), and transferred to the RPC where he apparently did well for himself.

    There was also a chunkie sergeant who was in charge of the guardroom at Templer Barracks at one time.
  11. You all seem to not realise that RLC Pioneers can also be Assault Pioneers and have supported Infantry Troops in this role, as we did with the Welsh Guards on exercise.

    I can not argue withthe fact that there are indeed soldiers in there that would struggle with a Kindergarten written Exam but there are also some clever lads with degrees and more qualifications that you can shake a stick at.

    Jack of all trades the Pioneers
  12. My only experience of the chunkies was in Belize - and I must say they were good lads.
  13. It seems that we all have the same opinion of the chunkies then?

    Good blokes, hard working, keen as mustard, thick as pigshit.

    Sound about right?
  14. Had them work for us in Germany on excercise setting up a tented camp for 600 pax.
    Fecking impressed with the speed they could erect canvas.

    They then got stuck into the simmo, rebanding and sorting the pallets. Bloody hard workers who took on jobs my guys would have still been dripping about now.

    Mind you all that hard work went to sh1te when they filled in a bunch of the local loggies at the Naafi bar in Gutersloh. Probably served the locals right but don't get caught especially when your troopie is also present.

    Great guys, lots of respect for doing the sh1t jobs really well.
  15. I was also there 79-80 and recall that the Chunks were always welcome in the 'Fly...

    One classic chat up line I overheard:

    Chunk: Cor, you've got luvverly eyes, they're just like spanners

    Slime lass: What d'you mean?

    Chunk: They tighten up my nuts!


    No problems staggering through the gate after a visit down town either...