OK boys let's hear it! Rugby or Football???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by welshdragonlady, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Football is for fairies , Rugby is for real men!! true or false???
  2. Are you one of those big-titted, doe eyed sluts from the Valleys? If so, please PM me your mobile number. I love easy birds.
  3. rugby league all the way

    football is basically diving without water these days

    rugby union is fat blokes jumping on top of each other
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  4. Seeing the awful theatrics by many so called men who play soccer, everytime an opponent gets within a yard of them to make a tackle & seeing the way men respond to several 15/18 stone blokes putting them on their arse in a Rugby tackle, do you need to ask?

    Oh & before you ask, I was a second row, the POWERHOUSE of the scrum!! :)
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  5. My answer depends entirely on how big YOU are.
  6. Nothing wrong with either sport, both are fine pastimes for a man/lesbian.

    Professional footballers however are a bunch of twats.
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  7. Aussie Rules is more of a laugh though
  8. Playing: rugby
    Watching: football

    Trying to play football with "footballers" is cringe theartric embarrassment.
    Watching rugby live is like a bloody carnival. Too nice for me. Not primal or tribal enough from a fans point of view.
  9. A laugh at how stupid the game is to watch?

    Rugby union is the way ahead. Football is for overpaid homos, and Rugby League is for the mindless mongs that can't think and run at the same time.
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  10. Its true. Simply saying its true is too short a message to post, with less than ten characters, so I'll say it again, its true.

    Football is for those struggling with their feminine side, and loosing.

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  11. no.......nuff said big boy.
  12. Much prefer to play Union (Flanker/ Wanker, which ever you prefer)

    But I do follow the football leagues more than I do Union equivalent.
  13. spoilsport.....
  14. Post pictures of your slit on here, with a Rugby ball or a Football being squeezed out of it like a baby, and we'll get a poll up.
  15. That's ok, you're in luck. Seeing as it's a Friday, I'll nail you anyway.