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OK boys let's hear it! Rugby or Football???

Football is for fairies , Rugby is for real men!! true or false???
Seeing the awful theatrics by many so called men who play soccer, everytime an opponent gets within a yard of them to make a tackle & seeing the way men respond to several 15/18 stone blokes putting them on their arse in a Rugby tackle, do you need to ask?

Oh & before you ask, I was a second row, the POWERHOUSE of the scrum!! :)
Playing: rugby
Watching: football

Trying to play football with "footballers" is cringe theartric embarrassment.
Watching rugby live is like a bloody carnival. Too nice for me. Not primal or tribal enough from a fans point of view.
Its true. Simply saying its true is too short a message to post, with less than ten characters, so I'll say it again, its true.

Football is for those struggling with their feminine side, and loosing.

Much prefer to play Union (Flanker/ Wanker, which ever you prefer)

But I do follow the football leagues more than I do Union equivalent.
I watch Rugby no matter which code but as with anything I'm not any good at playing its shit if anyone asks. This includes a certain spec ops level on MW2, Tennis, Squash and Golf. If I can't do it, its shit.

Like Mr Deputy I like watching football if its a decent game.

Enjoy playing Football as I'm a right back which means I get to boot skinny ponce strikers with bone haircuts into orbit every weekend.
Rugby all the way for me. It's more enjoyable to watch. Though I do recognise the skill of the footballists.

But the whole culture of football turns me off. From the obnoxious players screaming at the ref, taking dives, and acting like overpaid arseholes. Not to mention a large proportion of the fans who act like animals.

Though I must admit that the current crop of rugby players acting like idiots (Henson and Cipriani for example) are a worry.
Rugby Union...fat blokes pretending to be atheletes, lets face it if you were on the unit team who 'actually' did their annual fitness test? Also helped if the CO/RSM was a rugby man you got fewer bollockin's (though didn't quite work like that for me).

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