Ok, as there are issues, that appear to need resolving.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by error_unknown, Oct 26, 2003.

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  1. This topic has been split , from the original "Black Knights" post on Current Affairs.

    Without wishing to be draconian, and start deleting posts willy-nilly , I thought I'd split the posts, so those with a head of steam worked up, can shout the odds in the Naafi bar.

    Those who want to debate the deeper issues of the original new piece, can do so in Current Affairs.

    Yes , I realise that there are posters that fall into both groups.

    In your own time ..... Go on


    Well try not posting?
    That is a sure fire way to avoid trouble :wink:
    And why are you here again?
  2. She seems to have been here alot longer than you shoreleave and has contributed ont he finance board helping a number of fellas out.

    Why not take your negative shite, and aim it at a different civvy who will boil your livestock and swipe the washing from your line.

    Shoreleave, you a bootie or a matelot or something???
  3. Far be it for me to slag the head honchos trout mate.
    You the big boss or just the doorman pal?
    Thought the stuck up cow was fair game-my mistake
    Any others we should steer clear of then pal?
    Or are you just another jumped up self-appointed interfering f*****?
    no offence
  4. Pop away at me by all means, I am impervious to gobshites, after all I am one. :D

    Sounding off at someone after being a member ten minutes is only going to piss people off,

    If I was on the door of this establishment, as you put it, let me assure you you wouldn't get in. You would have gobbed off and sworn and been the hundred yard hero before I smighted thee a teeth loosening blow that would knock the very bollox off an elephant.

    Now be calm, theres a good little boy and make your way to the kindergarted forum where a nice matron will change your underpants and give you a lollipop
  5. If you insist YOU ARE WRONG :twisted:
    Mighty fine pissing station in that photo if I might say.
    Looks curiously like the heads in Joannas nightclub in Portsmouth :D
  6. Won't be the first time I have been wrong and certainly wont be the last, one thing I am sure about though is that you are a penis.

    The person I though you were has got a bigger set of balls and wouldn't use a new loggin if he had issues with anyone, he would just say it.

    Is that all then, can we allow the thread return to topic without being further hindered by a buffoon, saying nothing too loudly
  7. Classic :lol:
  8. Aw, come on fella...........you didn't think it was me, did ya?
  9. Shoreleave / BB.

    What the fcuk are you doing back here you psycotic, bunny boiling transexual fcuking loony tune wannabe?

    Had hoped to have read of your suicide in the press by now.

    Fuck Off you fcuking civvy wannabe.
  10. Anyone else think this is beginning to get very tedious......?
  11. What do you mean 'getting'?
  12. This is really thrilling ! BB, I wish I could meet you in person !! Do you ever come near Manchester?

  13. You mean intentionally?! 8O Do people actually do that?!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. Er, this is very unsettling ! Are you the real Blondebint?