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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ash_g, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. first question, the b.a.r.b test, can you do a re-take if you not happy with your result's? My other question is what is the alotted 1.5 mile run time for the para regiment?

    any help would be great.

  2. Can't help with your question but christ how bad did you do when you couldn't get the paras? :)
  3. havent taken it but for some reason im abit worried despite every one telling me how easy it is.

  4. nowadays they probably gived you a couple of days to do a bft
  5. i see, any one else got any information that could be of use to me??

  6. not written in stone i think you can take it twice fella the para time is is 9:37 i think
  7. holy moly, i got my work cut out im pulling around 12:20 at the moment only been running for a week though. :( thank's fella. :)

  8. are you large ?
  9. best thing you can do fella is check out the health fitness threads help with the training i can run consistent 8mins flat 1.5mile you wanna do high intensity short bursts ie:interval training that will sort you
  10. no but im 19 and have both r1 and starlet turbo so it is rare i run haha ill get my time down easy though im rather confident. :)

  11. so jog along and every few mins sprint for half a min? and a big factor is im on the isle of wight and its either heaving with pedestrians or hilly as you can get. :( but i shall pervail!!
  12. jump a taxi
  13. i like the way you think, do they have taxi's at selection??

  14. find a footy pitch or something i av access to a tred so jog for 1min at slow level then sprint for 2 for about 20 mins try n simulate it like that
  15. is it worth singing into a gym just to use there tredmill if no decent running routes are around?