OJARs TA stylee - how long to wait for one?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kookullin, Nov 10, 2005.

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  1. Already posted this on the RHQ forum but got no bites. Hoping for more luck here.

    I was commissioned in 2002.

    I have never yet had an OJAR, despite having written in that time enough CRs on my blokes to make my hand go numb. I do have a nice shiny operational insert, which helps.

    As 2006 draws near, the advice I received in 2004 (when I last asked about them) to be a good boy and pipe down must be about to expire.

    Any handy hints on how to give things a shove without landing people in the poo? Or should I just chill out about all this?
  2. Now is not the time to be a good boy anymore. You are entitled to an OJAR for each of the years since your commission. It is essential that you demand OJARs for 2003 & 2004 as well as this year. As an officer your have ultimate resposibility for your career management and your OJARs are extremely important to ensuring your selection for staff and other appointmnets in the years to come.

    Speak to your Adjt and ask him when you can expect each of your last 3 OJARs - it is his resonsibility to ensure that they get done, although in the first instance your OC who initiates them - the CO writes part 2. You may also need to consider a re-dress.

    The bottom line however is do not get fobbed off. It is you who will suffer in the longer term if you do not stick to your rights!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Not a great deal, it doesn't look at your potential.

    You need to get everything in writing - your request for the OJARs from your 1RO, whatever the reply is and then see if you have grounds for a career foul.

  4. "TA Stylee" ??????

    You do realise that later in your career you will be competing with Regular Officers for your posting of choice. It's the same OJAR. It carries the same weight with MCM Div. You are entitled to receive it.

    Get on the phone to your Adjt now!
  5. Can you enlighten us as to which posts these are?

    Ladies and Gentlemen we have arrived in Cloud Cuckoo Land! :p
  6. Well seeing as you don't know the answer to the first, I'm not surprised at your response to the second. The discussion is based on OJARs, not overall careers per se but thank you for your contribution, I'm sure the subby still waiting on his first ever OJAR will be as impressed at your erudite and well informed post as I was.

    Edit to add:

    I note, Verfechter, that your only other post so far was to tell me in another thread that I was talking absolute cr*p. Feel free to pm if you have a particular issue with me, either as Verfechter or whoever you normally sign in as.
  7. Thanks chaps for the advice.

    I need a bit of clarification, though. Sorry if these questions are a bit bone.

    "You need to get everything in writing - your request for the OJARs from your 1RO, whatever the reply is and then see if you have grounds for a career foul."

    Do you mean I should request copies of my OJARs from our Adj in writing? Doesn't escalation of a matter such as this to "in writing" level give people the fear?

    Secondly, note my request that the next steps I take should not land people in the poo. Won't this? I am eager to maintain good relations with my OC and PSAO!

    Thirdly, and bonely, what does 1RO mean?
  8. Ah....a pattern emerges! :wink:
  9. I'm not a fan of this. I don't see why a quiet chat with your Adjt shouldn't produce the required results.

    If you have already spoken to PSAO and OC and they have given you the bums' rush what other recourse do you have? Apart from anything else, ensuring that all OJARs are completed and submitted on time is the Adjt's job. QUite apart from landing your local chain of command in the poo, if you don't bring this to the Adjt's attention you could be allowing him to land the CO in the poo. (COs never spend time in the poo alone!)

    Not bone at all, RO in this context means Reporting Officer. Typically your OJARs will be completed by a 1st Reporting Officer (1RO) and a 2nd Reporting Officer (2RO). If you are graded High or Exceptional for Promote &/or Command then you will also get a 3RO. But you are unlikely to see that for a few ranks yet.
  10. Yikes - wisdom alert. Many thanks, abacus - and to the others who gave helpful responses.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Get it in writing, because if you want to push it up the chain of command for action you will need to show what you did about it. (Sorry abacus, we'll have to disagree on this one).

  12. :lol: although you knowing my place in all this might have viewed my suggestion that he doesn't as me closing ranks. I promise I wasn't ;)

    Struck by kookullin as a signin though - his namesake wouldn't have stood for all this namby-pamby OJAR nonsense anyway - promotion by slaughter was the name of the game in those days wasn't it?
  13. Beware: Verfechter means "Advocate", as in the gay magazine. You could be being stalked.
  14. Yeah. Trouble is, haven't killed anyone or let anyone be killed and so need to seek promotion by paperwork.
  15. Abacus,Do you find it strange that "VERFECHTER" has appeared only after you have manifested yourself in highly visible and recognisable form having a whale of a time in the fleshpots of "EMBRA" [lucky bstard]?

    Perhaps someone(possibly a Regular or a FTRS who has gone native and forgotten what those letters mean) whose OJAR might be just compared with yours in a competition perhaps?(and has only just realised that it would not be"in the NAAFI queue")? :)