Ojared in the back

I've just been shafted by my 2nd RO. After a lengthy office call to discuss, what was actually written bore no resemblance to our "chat". My initial course of action would probably be my "5 mins of fame" (or infamy), but at the expense of a quick posting to civvy street on a charge of ABH.

Does anyone have any (sensible) advice on matters of redress? AGAI Chap 70 doesn’t seem much help. I'd also be interested to hear from those-in-the-know, whether redress etc actually achieves anything, or whether it’s a case of "we hear what you're saying, but...."
Having worked in the redress chain, if you have a genuine case that you can support, it will be heard and addressed. It may involve a re-write but if your redress is upheld by the GOC then action must be taken to solve your gripe.

Don't put in a general redress - be specific and highlight key points in the OJAR that are not true or whatever. The more evidence you have - the better.

PM me if you want any more.

As above, only complain if you can prove that what is written is wrong. Do not be fobbed off by a few kind words from any other officer saying "it isnt really important" or "it won't affect your career", etc. A bad report will shaft you for years! Do not believe that in making a complaint things will be made worse.

I left the army after being shafted by a report I had as a Lt from a CO who had "found God" and was displeased that I had found the padre's 2nd youngest daughter. Result: even though later graded as "Best Capt in the RA in Germany" by the CRA, I was shafted for a place at AJD (as it was called then). I had been told that it didnt really matter as I was only an Lt at the time and everyone knew the Lt Col in question was a stroker.

My brother is still serving and was a flyer until he got shafted with a mediocre report from a Bde Comd. As a result he only got the dagger course and an MSc at Shriv, not full Staff College = will probably not command a Regiment, thus will (at best) make Brigadier rather than a 2 or 3 star which is where he was headed. All reports before or since have been superb (he always was the swot in the family), but the 'ok' report arrived at the pefect time to make his career stumble.


Dread said:
My brother is still serving and was a flyer until he got shafted with a mediocre report from a Bde Comd. As a result he only got the dagger course and an MSc at Shriv, not full Staff College = will probably not command a Regiment, thus will (at best) make Brigadier rather than a 2 or 3 star which is where he was headed.
Isn't it amazing how everyone thinks that they are going to get to 3*? To get to be one of them you are not just a good officer, you are the absolute cream of your generation - i.e best CO in a brigade, HCSC, top 3 or 4 colonels IN THE ARMY of your age, then a Type A 1* commander etc etc....

With all due respect to your brother, have you ever considered that he might have got a mediocre report because he wasn't as good as he thought he was, or that perhaps, there were others around him that were better?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but life does suck sometimes.
Good point, and my entry was poorly written: I knew that I was never going to make Master Gunner, but would certainly have made Lt Col and commanded a Regiment (the only way I was going higher at that stage would be if the entire General Staff topped themselves). After Regimental Duty it is too difficult to state with any accuracy what may happen, and I must state that Big Bro is much more sanguine than I about his situation. He was top at JDSC and has 2 MiD to his name (Iraq and BiH). He was promoted Maj at 28, currently has 6 gongs, etc etc.

Accurate comment about there being better people around, but certainly only one or two in his capbadge (not infantry). Why does everyone think they can make 3* (and I said 2 or 3*)? Because they see some of the recent incumbents who seem to be there because all the others in that group went off to the City (yes I am being overly flippant, but the point is still just). Point remains (despite my rambling in this and my earlier entry) that you cannot allow an unjust report to stand unchallenged.

I have always said that joining the Army was the best thing I ever did, closely followed by leaving it: on silly money for interesting work with an excellent quality of life :)
The important part is that it has to be a genuine redress, rather than an over reaction to a few home truths.
At the end of the day, we are never as good as we think we are and a few honest comments do far more good than over reporting and 'Ostriching'. Remember when over reporting was the norm and how this enabled absolute choppers to get postings/promotions they perhaps didn't deserve? If you end up with a whiter than white report, you may end up in a job you are not capable of doing, and you can guess the results of that happening............

You need to have useful evidence. Unless the 2RO already has a reputation for writing people down, and there are some out there, you are going to have to convince someone (potentially an Army Board member) that his subjective opinion, built over years' of experience etc is wrong. This is very hard to do unless you have concrete evidence. I can sympathise and indeed empathise with your situation. I am willing to provide further advice by PM if you want it. I have worked in this area and know the score. My first piece of free advice is not to do anything rashly, or quickly to avoid inflaming the situation.



msr said:
Do you still have a copy of your MYA? If so, then your OJAR should contain no surprises.

True. But don't forget that redressing a 2RO isn't that easy unless it is on a point of fact. The 2RO doesn't give a MPAR - that is the business of the 1RO - and the 2RO's primary function is to position the subject officer against his peers, and to make a judgement as to long term potential and employment. I would be VERY surprised if, in this case, the 2RO's views, grading, positioning etc hadn't been discussed and agreed with wibble's 1RO first.
VMT for all your points.. Although my 2nd RO works in the same building, I have no contact with the guy and my main gripes are that his assessment not only contradicts the 1st ROs assessment, but also contradicts what was, an agreed form of words, in an earlier meeting. I've no problem taking "an honest, robust assessment" on the chin, but I can't help thinking that I've been mugged by a smiling assassin!! Roll on the next Dinner Night :lol:

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