Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by arrcher, Feb 24, 2002.

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  1. Even after all the supposed improvements that OJARs are meant to bring, there are few changes for the SRO. The man in the ivory tower, who decides whether you will promote or fall into the career mire, still sits hundreds of miles away writing your OJAR from notes made by the CO. When are they going to take him out of the chain or make him accountable to who he is writing on.
  2. I wait with baited breath as I'm due my OJAR tomorrow.  SRO turned me down for a regular commission as, unfortunately, five years of Regimental Duty mean I have not yet done a staff job - the teat which he feels I can be judged as worthy of employment into my twilight years.  Fair enough, he then spent fifteen minutes persuading me not to slit my wrists or sign off.

    Once again, my morbid sense of curiosity has been provoked.  If I can last this long, God knows why everyone else isn't a General by now.
  3. I like the OJAR hugely! I accept the point that the SRO 'sits in an ivory tower ' etc, but at least under the new system, they are actually accountable for their comments. The great thing about OJAR is that every facet of the officer's character and ability is reported on, for good and ill. This in turn means that a fairer assessment of an officer's suitability (or not) for various jobs (and commission conversion) can be made.

    Thruster, don't be too upset that you haven't been accepted for conversion. 5 years at RD is far too short a period of time to assess a candidate' potential for Reg C - we are talking about gainful sustained employment until your 55, after all - plenty of time yet, buddy!  ;D
  4. And do not forget that we even get our own copy of the whole report now, where as you never saw what was written by the SRO before.  Takes a lot more balls (and confidence that he has evidence to support it) for a reporting officer to cast his opinion of your worth, or lack of, when he knows you will read it.  Got to be good.

    Anyone actually taken the OJAR form up on its offer and made an insert response to the employing officer's comments - which goes all together to the SRO?
  5. I have seen quite a few. Nothing wrong with it. I think it is a good idea because it allows one to give a view particulary on the grade, recommendations for prom or dev if it is not as good as expected. Many say that they have not had the opportunity because of the type of job to demonstrate their true worth.

    My view is that they should say so earlier. That way the 1st RO can ensure that they are loaded and tested accordingly.