OJ Retrial

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Did anyone else understand what his lawyer said? And by the by, who cares anyway? A Septic in a plane wastes a load of good chaps. Zero. A black septic has a lover's tiff and it's wprldwide news. The judge is unbelievable. Hoping for a movie part. God Bless Ameroiaaaaca
  2. I am sat here loving the look ok OJ's Face... silly cnut
  3. you hit the bottle early today scrofula, is it a sundowner thing?
    at last light get and stay as drunk as possible?
    arnt the winters fun :D
  4. DrStealth...I aint even lit the big bongo yet. The African drummer in my spare room would never forgive me!!!!
  5. 15 years of not dropping soap in the showers of the big house...
  6. Am I the only one who has a little sympathy for OJ Simpson?
    Bankrolls a slapper for years, catches her in bed with some bloke not for the first time, mallets her... and him and the world hates him?

    Simple rule here, don't take a load of cash off a bloke then poke your tennis coach, in your bed and expect a 'politically correct' shoulder shrug.

    Big boys games, big boys hammer to the head.
  7. I heard OJ is teaming up with Mc Hammer to pen a protest song about the way the press scape goated him.
  8. Cnut was guilty 13 years ago and if Johnnie Cochran hadnt loaded the jury with members of OJ's own family they would have banged the F'er up last time.
  9. So, what would you do if you came home and found your wife in bed with someone?

    This could be a whole new thread
  10. According to Sky news, he's been sent down for 15 years!!! 8O
  11. CNN says 33 years max but will serve 9 minimum.

    The guy is a self serving twot and needs a good shoeing in the pen but no doubt he will become a superhero to the black cons inside.