Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 12minden, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Just been chatting with a mucker about old tours and our former troopy came into conversation. Turns out she is now a propper yummy mummy. The conversation went from yummy mummy to MILF and then i "invented" OILF (Officer I'd Like to Feck). I would like to trademark this as my own work, unless I've missed something ???

    The term OILF can be applied to a good lookin female troopy OR an complete thobber of a 2Lt who comes up with stupid ideas, they both deserve fukcing !

    Any one know how I can trademark this and beat the credit crunch ?

    I might not solely rely on this to make my millions, BTW.
  2. Whats missing, oh that is what it is.... a PICTURE!
  3. She would turn me into a SIGF ! Squaddie I'm Gonna Fukc ! Call me "no balls" if you will, but she was a damm good troopy and there is a PERSEC issue with her old man.
  4. A PERSEC issue with her old man? Why, do you share the same one?
  5. Nah, she's not a ladyboy ! And, sadly, I am not her old chap.

    Edit to add, NOR am I slipping her old man a round up the breach !