Oil thefts

so just how do you prevent the thieving gits taking your domestic heating oil then? Done the lock thing and security lights etc. All ideas gratefully received.
Depends where you live and how much oil you have etc. If you live in the country down a narrow lane, you could put one of those lockable pilars in the road and CCTV
Thems that know would say that any thief worth his salt will crack any container quite quickly. If you lput any kind of lock on it then the fckers will simply drill a hole in (or 'spear' through plastic). In that case you're left with a) no oil and b) a knackered tank. Even wire mesh enclosures can be defeated quite easily. Best advice is to try to hide the tank.
I know in the states you can get "Paint Mines" - that work just like an anti-personnel mine and shock the burglar and at the same time covering them in luminous/indelible paint :D I'm not sure if these would be legal in the U.K. that you could use to protect your oil container/property, however here is an article that might suggest it's not the decent thing to do in the U.K.



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have a look at Cookson and Zinn (probably outside of your size range)

Western Environmental (same again)

Carbery PLastics (more home size stuff)

Atlas Tanks


failing that get a copy of fuel oil news (industry publication) and hunt through the ads

Imagine one of these watching over your Oil Tank 8O


What the Hell is That Thing?

This is the Intelligent Surveillance & Security Guard Robot, an armed sentry 'bot by the Techwin division of Samsung. It was originally funded by the government of South Korea to guard the North Korean border, but it's now on sale to the general public at $200,000 a pop. That's a price that pretty much limits the market to rich, bored, thrill-seeking eccentrics, the exact demographic you want buying deadly military hardware.

The Guard is equipped with ultra-high definition cameras, infrared lenses, image/voice recognition software ... and a swivel-mounted K-3 machine gun. The robot can recognize and target intruders from over two miles away day or night, and can be programmed to either fire on unauthorized intruders perceived as threats, to require a password and only use deadly force if the incorrect answer is given, or possibly just to murder drifters going for the baited malt liquor you left in the alley behind your loft.

Here it is on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMkV...ts-ever-invented.html&feature=player_embedded
Dig in your tank....

Or encase in concrete. With a nice metal lid on top to cover the refuel point.

bit of a bugger if it breaks or goes wrong though...
See, I knew you lot would be creative! Gundulph - I definitely want one of those robots. I can think of several uses for it apart from pikey (can I still say that?) gits :twisted:
Why aren't those robots being shipped out to Afghanistan?
Enigma266 said:
so just how do you prevent the thieving gits taking your domestic heating oil then? Done the lock thing and security lights etc. All ideas gratefully received.
Simple CCTV camera that can cover the thieving gits vehicle reg plate.
Now if its just a case of activation for the recording to start then all you need is a extra cam to clearly show to your local police who stole what when and how much was in the tank.


Before you think this is over kill, remember it is your oil, its not as if countries go to war over Texas tea.


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Depends on how much oil is going missing and how often.
A cheap garden shed kit from somewhere like B&Q or Argos could be built up around it to make oil tank less visible.

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