Oil supplies 'over-estimated'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 27, 2004.

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  1. http://www.channel4.com/news/2004/10/week_5/26_oil.html


  2. What Price coal fired power stations now?...............
  3. This morning's news: OPEC strongly recommended US government tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    This is a subterranean reservoir (a group of salt caverns) holding an estimated sixty-five days' supply.

    The story I read is that OPEC states are collectively delivering 100% of available capacity to produce light sweet crude.

    Saudi Arabia has some untapped capacity, or so I read, to produce additional heavy, high-sulfur crude. However, there is not enough refining capacity to accommodate any more of this difficult-to-process raw material.

    By the way, on these glad tidings, New York Mercantile Exchange light sweet crude for November delivery dropped two bucks today. Go figure.
  4. Should have invested in Nuclear Power CHiP sites.
  5. More likely that the story was 'leaked' to further boost the crude price for the profiteering b@stards to get more loot. If BP are making £1M per hour in profit from this, how much do you think some of the other companies are raking in! (Not to mention this theiving government!). :evil:
  6. & Windfarms, Wave Technology and more cycle friendly inner cities..

    http://www.offshorewindfarms.co.uk/ - nice link to windfarms

    Then lets all go tree hugging
  7. Stinks a bit when a "top" exec begins to cast doubt on suggested oil reserves.

    Still with all the money they have accumulated, perhaps now is the time to develop other forms of energy that will last.
  8. Dung power, theres the way to go, a good storage for that is at Westminister :p

  9. Go nuclear early, build the plants in London and so if they do go up there will be no great loss :D
  10. Works too, one power plant already running on chicken-sh1t at Thetford.
  11. Liquid propane gas is one way to go ahead as it cheaper and enviromentaly friendly
    http://www.lpga.co.uk/ enter and look for autogas

    Hydrogen fuel is another route to go down

    we should move away from dependence on oil and use it only for production of furnitures, plastics and not for fuel unless neccessary.
    so any oil embargo by the (this passage edited) can fight it out and kill each other while the rest of the world gets on with living real lives


    Semper, does this look like Mil.com to you?

  12. Stuff the trees, build more H Bombs :wink:
  13. they are my own views however un pc it may be.
    there are those sort of people in the middle east, infighting and slotting each other is something they do all the time unless there is a common enemy I.E. UK/USA troops etc
    each islamic group believes that only THEY are the true muslim they are the only one who has interpreted the Koran correctly anyone else is an ifidel or an unbeliever and must convert or die
    no i haven't been in mil.com so i don't know the format of that website and therefore cannot compare
  14. Great , they are your own views *Applause*

    Try posting them , without the racial slurs, which is why your post was edited.
  15. ok i wasn't aware they were considered a racist remark as some members on this site have used such terms before ,
    no colour was used in the making of this post or the the previous one.