Hi everyone

Just after some advice, I am looking at leaving the army in the near future and looking at different career options. Just wondering if anyone out there is working on the oil rigs or has worked on oil rigs. Just after some general info.




Been offshore for 9 years, since leaving. Absolutely loads of work going on, companies busting a gut to get hold of people willing to work 3 weeks on, 3 off, 12 hour shifts, free food and accom. The downside, having to haul your carcass to Aberdeen (generally) and home again.

I think there are one or two others on here (North Sea Tiger is one I know for certain). Give the main agencies in Aberdeen a bell, (Google RBGltd) they'll give you the low-down on requirements - basically, a medical to check all your bodily functions work, an induction course on first aid, fire-fighting (topical!), and how to escape a sinking helicopter. Robert's yer Mother's Brother. Any more Q's?
How long does the whole recruitment process take on average - if I rang Monday Morning for example???
Do you need prior experience in technical sh1t or is "above average intelligence, not being prone to fcking things up and being ex-military" generally enough???
Do you need previous experience, if so what?, chicken and egg syndrome I am thinking. How does one get ones foot in the door. Is being ex-military generally a good start or do they want you to have other experience. A website seemingly dedicated to this mentioned they would take entry level with no experience I am therefore attempting to ascertain from someone within the industry, first-hand, if this is the case or not.
I have been working offshore for 5 years now since leaving the forces, it is very busy at the moment and every company is screaming out for good guys. Being ex forces is definately a benefit. all the companies know that ex regs can hack being away from home and dont mind the 12 hour shifts.
There is such a wide range of jobs available, give us some idea of your trade at the moment.
Health and safety officers are in short supply if you are that way inclined, the unskilled entry would be as a roustabout, which is the starting point on a rig, from there you will be trained in either the drilling side or as crane op. there is also vacancies as stewards, looking after the accomodation and galley.
if you are electrical or mechanical trained then there is a lot of jobs available to you.
nowadays you are more likely to find yourself in africa or baku, than aberdeen. but really it doesnt matter where you are the standard of accommodation is very high and you will love the month of to yourself.
give us a bit more info on your background and im sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction

forgot to say, it is possible to do your offshore survival as resettlement, having that would be a huge advantage. it would show the employer that you were serious and it would be one less expense for them and you would be one step ahead of any other new starts
My brother is looking for a job on the rigs, he is ex reg in the TA single but unskilled, he is a chargehand at the moment in Leeds and is used to hard work, where should he look and whats the money like


PokerPro - if by unhelpful replies you're having a pop at the genuine assistance and advice I posted, might I suggest that you may not be quite cut-out for life on the rigs?

The work is hard, and frequent bouts of banter are the norm. If you think squaddies are ace at ripping the pi55 out of each other, the blokes (and the girls) out here will eat you for breakfast.

If you weren't having a pop, the advice stands. Unless you've got a trade recognised by the offshore drilling sector (unlikely) or are a Medic, Radio Operator (with GMDSS) or NEBOSH Cert or Diploma holder, expect to start at the bottom, with the 18 year olds straight off the streets of Aberdeen. Despite there being a large number of ex-Service personnel out here, it won't count for much. Your ability to work long hours without too much complaint, and your experience of laughing off the banter from the old hands, just like when you joined your firsy unit as a nig, will soon show.
I have been informed that there is going to be a boom again .AMEC are a company that are always looking for people.
The industry is on a rise at the moment. it is getting busier so now is the time to get a start.
There is more to offshore than the drilling crew. ROV, controls, survey etc.
Many of the trades in the forces can easily be transfered to other trades. so i dont believe you will HAVE to start at the bottom, like i said earlier let us now your current trade. Amec are always looking for guys but they tend to lay off people when the work is finished then rehire for the next contract, but it is experience, just not as secure.
WHATEVER you do, don't fall for one of the advance fee recruiting agencies we seem to be plagued with currently. They promise you the job and even send you a copy of a genuine looking contract from some big players, i.e. Exxon, Shell, Chevron Texaco etc on payment of a fee......its a Nigerian Scam but they are using UK names and addresses etc, specifically targeting UK workers.
Try .. www.rigzone.co.uk .. will give you a rundown of the types of jobs offshore to see what you would enjoy doing.

As has been said before Survival and Medical Certificates are normally required in my experience before a company or agency will look at you .. I had mine partly paid for as part of my resettlement before I left the RAF .. Check out Nutec or Rgit Montrose which are both in Aberdeen (there are other centres around the country but these are the ones I know)

Militairy experience is appreciated .. I was Air Traffic / SAR in the RAF and am now a Radio Op .. just went with what I knew although I started as an Industrial Cleaner to pay for my Radio Op courses. There are guys on our rig just now doing ROV work that are ex RAF Technicians .. if you are REME or have a qualification it is worth chasing that first .. my brother is a Propulsion Tech in the RAF and is leaving to come out here to work on the Turbines.

Unlike the forces Cnuts are generally not tolerated out here .. you will either be sent to coventry or NRB'd (Not Required Back) .. which is the kiss of death .. but the forces humour and the "get on with it attitude" are an advantage .. no doubt about it.

I would say anyone who wants to work out here should contact as many agencies as possible and dont take no for an answer .. my old man told me about one guy who pitched a tent outside a companies office before !! .. (he got a job) .. stick with it and dont get disheartened .. the money is good and although the standard of food and accomodation will vary it is generally high .. and the crack is good.

Find someone who can put a word in for you who is already offshore as a word from an exsisting employee can often be the clincher .. use the forces network out here.

Right now I now that GlobalSanataFe are looking for Roustabouts and are taking guys with just a Survival and Medical as I have just finished on one of their rigs .. Halliburton too are looking .. and if you fancy getting Mucky and stuck in confined spaces while using High and Ultra High Water Jetiing guns try Salamis and Rigblast in Aberdeen .. they are always looking for guys.
What salary does the rigs pay? For example what would the starting pay be for someone with no experience and just starting out?
Depends as some jobs are on a fixed dayrate and some are paid hourly .. when I was doing the Industrial Cleaning the rate was between £11 and £14 an hour with overtime being a bit higher.
Swift reply! Thanks. Another question - If you're working 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off, do you get paid or subsidised for the off weeks?
For Guys on a yearly salary they are paid monthly whether they are offshore that month or not .. I am agency at the moment so I am paid for every day I am on the Rig but get nothing while I am at home.
Internet research is a starting point for research.

A lot of workers are supplied by agencies (These are wide and varied) You will be name on a list to them so a personal visit suited up with cv in hand will help with the memorability factor. Top tip; I signed on immediqtely after leaving; it paid the rent gave me beer tokens but most importantly finances you to travel to job interviews ie visits to agencies and gives you a little fun money also

Companies appear to employ once you are experienced.

Almost all the technicians of all flavours I have met have been ex forces and alot appear to have been taken on as trainees and gone from there

Definitely don/t think just north sea. or even sea based. the oil industry includes landbased also

Go with your strengths/qualifications. definitely get your survival and helo ditch tickets; first aid in the work place on your resettlement.

You can try and get your offshore medical done by your local friendly Occupational health MO for free; you will have to ask around to see where he lives

HSE is the way forward in terms of money and career; getting the nebosh under your belt is an incredibly good start; look up the courses on the internet and perhaps pay for some of it with your yearly academic grant from pusser

get down your local re settlement office they normally have a lot of info on offshore/oil industry work

May the force be with you

two words : Piper Alpha !. Look up the results of the investigation and hope that safety procedures have improved since then.
Yeah deefer cheers for thqt

Offshore industry is possibly the tighest regulated in terms of safety particulqrly as a knock on effect of Piper Alpha

Hence the proliferqtion of HSE jobs

Statistically the most dangerous thing you.ll do in your life is get in your car; but you still do it........ unless you are deemed medically/mentally incompetent to drive; which would not suprise me


Not sure about this "proliferation" of HSE jobs .. maybe in the Health and Safety Executive itself but out here in the North Sea every rig I have been on has one Safety Man and thats it .. granted they are responsible for the safety and all relevent training but they are generally all guys with experience on the tools .. Cant see any company taking on a Safety Man who has never been Offshore before and thats after talking to our Safety Guy !!

Reckon no matter what you want to do it wouldnt hurt to start as a Roustie or Cleaner etc etc .. I did and feel it gave me a better appreciation for things as a lot of the Radio Ops I know have never put on a boiler suit in their lives and have no appreciation for what goes on outside.

Personally I think this is a great enviroment to work in and its a lot like the forces regarding the banter .. earn more .. go to work by helicopter (pilots are taxi drivers here !! .. choppers use the callsign "Helibus!!) .. have your bed made and laundry down for you .. and get better food for free .. all you have to do is work.

Best of luck to anyone going for it and feel free to PM me if you need any further gen.
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