Oil on mono-block

Discussion in 'DIY' started by BrandySoured, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Any tips on removing oil and oil stains from a mono-block drive?
  2. Wickes do a patio stone/drive way cleaner, which did a god job on my drive when I spilled 5 litres of dirty sump oil on it.

    Lots of stiff brushing with a bass broom and wet sharp sand or the power washer.
  3. Ta mooch. I've already been in about it with a stiff brush and detergent, the power cleaner too but that looked like it was washing too much of the sealing sand away.
  4. Try cheap bleach (5 litres for a £1 ish from the pound shops) as well on the white or grey block with a bass broom and sharp sand.

    Use a power washer with a rotating 'scrubbing' head and not a power spray type.

    Or if really stained take them up and turn them up side down (clean side up) and replace them.
  5. I have recollections of a Fullers Earth poultice being used by stonemasons to reduce the appearance of oil stains. I know the poultice contained a solvent, but I don't know what. Acetone, maybe?

    Edited to add:

    Just using the solvent will cause the stain to go deeper and wider. The poultice should be used as a first action to draw the stain out, the effectiveness is reduced if you try other methods first.
  6. I think the solvent of choice would be "paint thinner" in the US which translates to "paint trimmer" in the UK I think. For the Fullers earth I would try to use non-clumping cat litter. It is an absorbent clay made from Bentonite like Fullers Earth, just not ground as finely.

    An alternative would be to scrub with a dishwasher detergent or commercial cleaning containing high levels of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) and absorb with cat litter. Here in the US, auto supply stores sell the cat litter material as "Speedi-Dry" same stuff but unscented, bigger bag and no cute kittens on the label.
  7. DKP2 is the cheapest source of Fullers Earth ;) MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) probably the most efficient solvent.
  8. Thanks for all the advice lads I'm going to try the poultice.

    And I must admit that I never even thought of turning the 'uckers over! :oops:
  9. They may not be the same shape on the other side. The top will have a chamfered edge, the bottom may not.

    I should warn you about the poultice - 9 out of 10 stonemasons end up having to replace the stone because the poultice was ineffective or because the stain reappeared weeks afterwards. It depends on how long the oil has been allowed to soak in and whether you've applied degreasers that have pushed the oil further in.

    There is a simpler solution - spread oil on the remainder of your drive so that it all looks the same. :)
  10. Get the local pikeys to tarmac over it?
  11. I work for a Mono Block maker. The best answer is a engine de-greaser (Gunk) from halfords. Works a treat!