Oil leak. legal or enviroment issues?

My works van has developed an oil leak. The lease company, hsbc are refusing to repair it as, i'm guessing, the lease is nearly finished. My driveway is looking shite! Anyone know what the legal issues are?

Am I liable for allowing a leak to contaminate the ground?

Is the company liable?

Can I make them pay to have it cleaned up?


All help is greatfully recived...... :wink:
Good job you posted on ARRSE.

You wouldn't want any Barrack Room Lawyers misguiding you.

Personally i don't think anyone would give a toss if you have an oil spot on your drive; most drives have them.
Still in manufacturer's warranty period (3 years 60k IIRC)?

All leasing companies are tighter than a gnats chuffer as a matter of principal, and they are no doubt claiming that they only do 'routine' servicing as part of the contract?
Only if the oil gets into the watercourse...which is hightly unlikely.
If the vehicle is still within warranty then you will be able to claim towards the cost of getting the drive cleaned or replaced from the manufacturers.
If the vehicle is leased then HSBC, if responsible for maintenance have a duty to repair the leak.
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