Oil in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by 307, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. 307

    307 War Hero

  2. Good luck with the security on that one! It'll make Nigeria the soft option!
  3. WE won't have to worry about security. It'll be the Chinese who will have those matters to consider but I would imagine that once they have paid off the 'terrorists' they'll be able to crack on with little interference.
  4. Well according to the World Service, it already is, all you need is a straw in Nigeria...

    However, it does make me wonder why when we seem to enjoy invading countries, we don.t make Reparations an issue before we do so as in, You is a threat to World Peace, You is getting your Arrse handed to you and those left alive are going to repay with Interest the cost of doing so...

    AND, please no shit about commercial companies gaining a foothold and the UK taxman recouping funds through taxation on profits etc etc...

    About time, we made Countries pay in advance before we invaded them... just a thought mind...
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

  6. I think they were into excessive taxation and a bit of death.

    My cunning plan is that countries pay in advance before we invade. Of course, should they refuse our generous offer, we just invade the ******* anyway because the British Army is nails as we all know and then top the feckers that refused to pay.

    We could then offer oil rights to the Americans... for an excessive fee

    Just like the Yanks fecked us over in WWII

    We could begin doing the same to them...

    Just think, if we had taken Afghanistan seriously from Day 1 and not got involved in Iraq, what wealth would we be sitting on? And what could anyone do about it because we have the dooms day weapon and so nobody could do anything to us could they....

    About time the British Army started earning its keep!
  7. 307

    307 War Hero

    In all seriousness, this could actually be the catalyst to bring relative peace to the country. I'm pretty sure if the Pakistanis are assured of a slice of the wedge then the ISI can reign in elements of the Taleban, the local tribes will no doubt be keen to keep things relatively peaceful also because of the wealth, infrastructure and opportunities oil will bring, in short, I think if the right people get the right slice of the pie, a lot of the violence will go. For the vast majority of 'enemy' decision makers, money and power is what they really care about and want.
  8. So you're saying they're basically all as bent as a nine bob note? How very surprising...
  9. What Arrse needs is another cynic. tut tut.
  10. Take away the cynic and things will be abit thin here...not that I'll know as I'll have been taken away.