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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by danny842003, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a place to buy/steal a bottle for weapon oil. As the issued one is gash and leaks everywhere and a few lads have Gucci plastic spray ones but they can never remember where they got it from.
  2. The spray ones can be obtained from your CQMS/SQMS. They have been out for years.
  3. I got mine from Boots did not cost a lot ether
  4. Places like Yorkshire trading post, Wilkinsons and pound shops have stuff like that in too; why buy something that is issued though?
  5. It might be issued to some but in my unit we are still using the old cleaning kits, I have only seen some people with the new items and they did deployments with other units.
  6. Man @ QMs might help:

    Oil Bottle - B4 1005-99-192-5206
    Spray pump - B4 1005-99-337-1354
    Cap Screw Bottle - B4 1005-99-445-3228

    If no joy drop me a PM
  7. Ask your CQMS/SQMS politely to pull his finger out and demand the cleaning kits.

    They have been out for years. If they have trouble getting the NSN, get them to ask the Armourer for them.
  8. Shortarms

    I gave them the NSN's before we went to Iraq a few years ago nothing came from it.
  9. Sadly there are lazy, unhelpfull twats in all units. :x
  10. Is the spray thing an Operational cleaning kit thing? Our normal RCKs seem to just have the two-lid bottles in them.

    That said, RVOps or most places which sell travel stuff/toiletries will have a pump bottle for oil.
  11. Thanks a lot. Its just easier to buy one than go to the QMs to be fair. When we went on ops we didnt get the new ones so doubt were going to now.
  12. I used to use an old King of Shaves oil bottleHere make sure you clean it out before you put in the ox24
  13. I went for this option. Just make shore that you use new clean oil. First time I tried the spray clogged up.