Oi you *******, show me your booze!

I went on the boys annual malt whisky trip in August. This year we went to Campbeltown a very, very large amount of top quality malt and some very palatible swedish cask strength whisky was consumed over three days, I managed to burn my throat and urinary tract to the extent that I needed ladies cystitus medication to restore my bodies pH levels.
I now have a large quantity of good quality malt whisky and have been unable to touch any of it since August.
I am weaning myself back onto spirits through gin but must be feeling better as I am casting longing glances at a rather fine springbank this evening.

Moral of the story, don't trust swedish cask strength whisky no matter how nice.
A rather nice bottle of nun's delight.



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That looks pretty tasty......
It is. A quite nice, smooth toffee/caramel tasting tipple that glides down ones gullet without a sharp, burning feeling and has a lovely warming sensation in your tummy. Also El Dorado Rum (either a 3, 5 or 8 year vintage) has the same effect. They do a 10, 12, 15 20 and 25 year vintage but I find they are too sharp for me to quaff but still nice enough.
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