Oi Woopert!

Since when has 'log stuff' been knicker wetting?  :)

Since when I decided  ;D
Just because you think it doesn't mean it is.  I'm sure my platoon think I'm a cracking platoon commander....... ;D  But seriously, log stuff....sexy?  Doesn't quite look right in the same sentence.
Yeah, but I bet my mess kit is better than your mess kit!!

Oh, and my dad can have your dad  ;D


Presumably it is knicker wetting due to incontinence or the lack of awareness to remove same before commencement of bladder function.

I can only assume that would be knicker wetting due to the excessive amount of laughter.
msr said:
Since when has 'log stuff' been knicker wetting?  :)

Log stuff is apparently extremely knicker wetting when you have no ammo left and Ho Lee Fuk and 300 of his North Korean mates are charging at you (hypothetical situation I know but nonetheless descriptive).
Read Julian Thompson (Maj Gen RM), and how his experiences as a G4 post Camberly changed his views, which were then confirmed by the Falklands campaign, as to how UN-SEXY it is to have no 'log stuff'!
Hmmm, just cos it's important doesn't make it sexy.

Digging trenches - Very important, not remotely sexy.

Abseiling from helicopters - Very sexy, not remotely important.

Any more ideas?
I didn't say that log stuff was sexy, just that NO log stuff is UNSEXY! Remember, without the '4', you're just a bunch of tourists trying to live of the land ...

And no, i'm not a '4', but a '5'.
is this some weird cult talk!! what the hell in log stuffing and why would it be sexy....oh and i now know what a woopert is, my brother, who is not, was very discriptive....thank goodness he tells me you can't breed. :wink:
Okay bbc1810, here we go. I suspect there might be a few other confused people out there... 8O :?

G1 - Personnel & Discipline
G2 - Intelligence
G3 - Operations / Training
G4 - Administration / Logistics
G5 - Exercises (I think)
G6 - Communications
G7 - Can't remember
G8 - God only knows..?!
G9 - Civil / Military Liason, Media etc.

Woopert has some funny ideas about the attractiveness of trucking, yorkie bars etc. but he's tolerated in a patronising sort of way!! :D :D

G1 - Personnel & Discipline
G2 - Intelligence
G3 - Operations / Training
G4 - Administration / Logistics
G5 - Exercises (I think)
G6 - Communications
G7 - Can't remember
G8 - God only knows..?!
G9 - Civil / Military Liason, Media etc.

Now my head hurts!!!

And my original query.....

What the hell in log stuffing and why would it be sexy....?
Well I suppose if we stretch interpretations and think in terms of the logs being stuffed somewhere as opposed to being stuffed themselves...?! :wink: 8O

Personally I think this all sounds far too kinky and damned good fun to have anything to do with the RLC brethren. I'd better get back to the Mess for lunch and an afternoon staring at my fingernails...

You can always invite me round for supper if you need further detail. Even MY car can reach London!

Mmmmmmm.......there is a story here.

When married BBQ'd everything....so hubby, bless his cement boots, (oh that's another story???) sent me off to cooker (cookery, drunk again!)lessons. :roll:

Learned to cook cordon bleu....of course was forced to divorce dastardly man for insult on person.... :lol:

Little did he know I knew the way to a man heart is not through his stomach, but through his chest wall..... :twisted:

And remember, a friend will help you move....a good friend will help you move a body. :wink:


War Hero
Staff Designations

J1 Personnel and Administration

Personnel Management.
Manpower Administration.
Provost and Discipline.
Prisoner of War Administration
Casualty Procedures.

J2 Intelligence

J3 Operations

J3(M) Maritime Operations

Maritime operations, including: anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, mine-countermeasures, amphibious operations, organic air and supporting maritime air operations (coordinated with Air Operations).

J3(L) Land Operations

Land, including Army aviation (eg helicopters etc), airborne (eg Paras), airmobile force and supporting land operations. Force movement.

J3(A) Air Operations

Offensive, defensive, and supporting air operations. Maritime air operations are coordinated with Naval Operations.

J3(SF) Special Forces Operations

J3(SP) Space Operations

J4 Logistics and Health Service Support

Logistic/Combat Service Support.
Health Service Support.
Logistic Host Nation Support (HNS) coordination.
Movement and Transportation Coordination.
Infrastructure Engineering.

J5 Plans and Policy

Campaign Planning and Estimate Process.
Forward Planning and Coordination.
Contingency Planning.
Operational Analysis (OA).


Communications and Information Systems Management.
Frequency Management.

J7 Doctrine and Training

Doctrine Management.
Exercise Planning.

J8 Resources and Finance

Civil Secretariat.
Civilian Personnel Management
Finance and Budget Planning.
Contract Authority.

J9 Civil Military Co-Operation

Provides the Civil-Military interface, including:
Negotiation of Coordination and Support Arrangements and Agreements Coordination of Civil-Military Support
Co-ordination with National Civil Emergency Planning


War Hero
J is Joint (ie Naval Army AND RAF HQ)

N 1...9 is Navy

G 1... For Army

A 1... The RAF

All the departments in a HeadQuarters (HQ) are nominated in this way.
Swallow a JSP 101 / SOHB CGS? Never heard of the A and N stuff - but then you and I clearly need to get out more.
That's it, no wonder you have problems with the civilian population you can't even speak english anymore.....CGS (yet more letters, try baby talk, the clues in the name blessedBABYcakes1810)
and as to the log stuffing...why, what, when , where?
that's all i wanted to know!!!!
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