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Oi! Who knicked the Pickled Eggs !

Remember the jar of pickled eggs? For that matter a jar of pickles? Every Naafi bar had these as an aperitif before the main course of Amstel, San Mig or Tiger menu. Most pubs had them too.

.....So who knicked them and is there a pub anywhere still offering these delicacies?????? :D


Kit Reviewer
My local used to do this, then went all "wine bar'y" and now does mixed nuts and mixed olives. The chippy round the corner still does em though!
Or make your own?

Ok sorry I forget where I am sometimes, my local chippy has them still, but quite a few of the others dont. The pubs never have done (that I remember) but Im not sure Id want to eat one after a few beers.
Sorry mate i knicked the lot.

I forgot our Anniversary, rubbed the vinegar in my eyes.

Result, loads of tears, from "me" and her. Best BJ ever.



Proper pickled eggs should be in real malt vinegar, not that clear watery stuff they use these days. The eggs need to be kept in the vinegar long enough to develop a tough skin. They should be sold over the bar in those little paper cake dish things. Smothered in salt, and eaten at a ratio of three per pint of decent bitter. These are the rules.
Brings back long forgotten memories of pickled onion races in the NAAFI.

You know, when you had a loader at one end of the room and a bucket at the other?

Ahh, the way my sphincter used to ache.....
Duke of York in Eccles used to do them pickled in chilli vinegar,eggs and onions.Served in little paper dishes with loads of black pepper. Best bet nowadays is likely to be the rougher Joey Holts pubs ,at least in Manchester


Never been to Manchester, will certainly not set foot in the place now. Black pepper indeed, bloody perverse.
The Slaughtered Lamb (or whatever it's called) outside Warcop camp does them, along with an assortment of sweets that I haven't seen since I was a kid. They also serve a fine pint of ale and have flexible opening hours!
Give it a few years and we will have pub themed pubs, chain pubs pretending to be propper old fashioned pubs with pickled eggs, pint pots with windows, fake smoke and a whippet on a bit of string.

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