Oi Whet,get your CV posted off asap!



Can you repost this thread after 1330hrs please. That way you may have a chance of attracting his attention as he may be out of bed.

The work-sky slack cunt.
Stacker's ideal job.

If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
I don't think you can respond to everything in parliament with "fuck off you fat cunt".
Well, of course not. You'd have to dress it up a bit with an 'Honourable Gentleman' or two.
You know Millipede could try something new and radical - he could just explain his policies openly and honestly without the need to spin them.

Maybe if politicians stopped behaving like snake oil salesmen they might get some respect back...

Nice thought, though as you have included 'politician', 'openly', 'honestly', and 'respect', ln the same post I was wondering if you might help me move some cash out of this account I have in Nigeria, you seem like a pretty straight sort of guy.

PM me your account details, I'll be in touch.

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