Oi Talibs, don’t annoy the Kiwis.

Last year, NZ suffered its first combat death in over a decade when a Lieutenant was killed in an IED/RPG ambush in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.

Not taking too kindly to this sort of carry on, they sent some NZSAS chaps up from Kabul to look into the matter. Two weeks later, nine insurgents were reunited with Allah.

That’ll learn ya.

Only a year ago? Thanks for the scoop.
An attack by the New Zealand SAS which killed a group of Taleban fighters responsible for the death of a Kiwi soldier was not a "revenge killing", says Defence Minister Wayne Mapp.
If they were legitimate targets why would that even be an issue ? They were enemy, now they're dead enemy, why they're dead shouldn't matter.....
Interesting analysis by this pol sci punter, which pretty much applies to all foreign forces on the ground:

[...]the Taliban are a fighting and revenge-minded culture, so failure to reply in kind and in timely fashion to the IED and small arms fire ambush of Lt. O’Donnell’s patrol would have been perceived as a sign of weakness and invited more and larger attacks. However, the question remains as to whether the SAS utu raid serves the larger strategic interests of the ISAF coalition of which the NZDF contribution is part. The answer, unfortunately, is in the negative.

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