Oi slags - your Boss (and his daughter) need your support!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bits, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Gen Dannatt is doing a sponsored parachute jump tomorrow for Help the Heroes. He has never parachuted before, and nor has his daughter Emma who is jumping as well.

    He is short on his fundraising target of £7500...anyone want to help cough up to help support the best Boss ever and his worthy cause (and the charity)? :D

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    As Armchair Jihad so eloquently put it....
  2. How old is his daughter?
  3. 18....ahem. :D :eye:
  4. Any piccies?
    Just for research you understand.
  5. [​IMG]

    Very nice.
    Don't know who the ugly tw4t is holding the wine glass.
  6. 7500 isn't that close to a months salary for him?
  7. [/off-topic] !!!!

    Right, the Boss needs £1106 to get him to his target for Help the Heroes. The Just Giving website does the whole gift aid thing, which effectively means the government adds another £2.82 of your tax money for every £10 you contribute. This is your chance to dictate to the government how your tax money is spent!! All you have to do is contibute a tenner!! I calculate it needs 86 more £10 contributions to hit the target.

    How many mates have we all seen going through Selly Oak, and how much help and support do we all wish we could offer them and their families as they struggle to recover and have a normal life again. This is our chance to help!! And CGS is willing to leap from a perfectly serviceable airframe in order to make the point.

    So, who's up for a tenner?

  8. (He's probably already pledged to make it up to a nice £10k....it certainly wouldn't surprise me, cos that the sort of leader he comes across.)
  9. OKay then not being funny but surely his beers could choke up the rest
  10. Personally, I think it outrageous that this man should expose that little girl to such appalling danger. Read from the site:


    I mean, pushing a toddler out of a plane (even if it is lashed to a para) has to be worth an ASBO at least.
  11. A few years ago I was doing a bit of jumping in a little place in South Africa (Citrusdal - great place if you're interested) and another couple jumping were this right-on, ponytailed sports psychologist couple from Germany. Their sprog, aged 4-5 I think had ujst done their first tandem jump.
    They really pissed me off. They drive up in their Lamborghini Cheetah complete with bullet proof glass, strap on their hi-tec brand new chutes, and take their kid skydiving. Where the feck were you when I was filling out the forms for parents? Selfish bastards. I would have killed to have parents that take me skydiving, and drive a Cheetah. (Skip the 'being German' part though, thanks anyway)
  12. i am sure thats her brother, I was on a course with him a few years ago at warminster
  13. You're correct, I found the picture here: