Oi Scargill wheres the rent?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Murphy_Slaw, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. Something about miners leaders.

    That "hero" Neil Greatrex (UDM) didn't turn out too hot either.
  2. A contract is a contract, any capitalist should understand that.
  3. Hey Arthur, karma's a bitch ain't it?
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  4. If you're going to screw someone - in this case his membership - you might as well try to do it properly.
  5. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    He did, Rockpile, he really did.
  6. How did Maggie manage to swing this one?
  7. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving chap
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  8. Although Mr. Scargill (apparently) doesn't?
  9. Arthur should have had his contract checked by a lawyer instead of assuming that he'd be Chairman for Life of the UK Politburo and living in No 10 by 1984.

    Is the NUM still being lumbered with all the bills for his house in Skagville, Scumthorpe, Grimview. Cuntown or wherever the hell it is he lives in Yorkshire?
  10. He did, that's his problem. He took it upon himself to rearrange things to his pleasure and the NEC wasn't involved in that processs. Which is what the article says.....
  11. Yeah..!!..but its up 'North'..worth f**k and pennies to run( he still gets free coal as a ex miner..??) VAT free.. the 'cnut)

    HMRC stuff
    "Under a scheme administered by the National Concessionary Fuel Office (NCFO) on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), ex-employees of the British Coal Corporation (BCC) and their dependants are entitled to receive an entitlement of solid fuel or a cash allowance, provided that they meet the criteria of the qualifying agreement.

    These supplies of free coal are subject to the normal rules for gifts of goods. As they form part of a series or succession of gifts, from time to time, to the same person, they are deemed to be supplies of goods, even though they are provided free of charge. VAT is payable at the reduced rate on their open market value.

    The cash payments received by the miners and their dependents are not liable to VAT"
  12. My boss did a speed awareness course that Scargill was also on about 18mths ago. She said he talked a lot about a villa he owned in France. Maybe he could just move there?
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  13. Apparently he reckons he's entitled to the fuel allowance at his Barnsley home and payment for the preparation of his annual tax return, a new car every two years and his mobile phone bill! I wonder what his pension is aswell. He has also claimed £26000 a year for "important" NUM work with the Yorkshire Area Trust Fund, although no record of this work has appeared in any of their minutes.

    Scum is as scum does.
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  14. He, being the former President of the NUM, and electing himself "President for Life of the NUM" before he stood down, probably wrote the contract that entitled him to this rent free property in London. The man is a first class scummy shitehead syphalitic cunt.

    I hope the court costs and legal fees cripple this tosser financially for the rest of his days, lord knows he financially crippled many of his union members during his "working" life.
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