Oi Paddy!

Go raibh maith agat!!!

OH went off early for shamrock parade followed by Mass and then drinking!! Not sure when I will see him again???!!!
Top O' the morning to you me lad!! Here's the Paddy Pictures which are playing right now this St Paddy's Day on the Sy Fy Channel:

Paddy Pictures.JPG

Fill yer boots me lad!:dwarf::dwarf::dwarf:
Q: What's green, five miles long, and has an ******** every two feet?

A: A St. Patrick's Day parade.

This applies especially in Montreal.
And to think yer man was a Scot - and not even a Roman Catholic! Happy Paddy's Day
Sorry to spoil St Pat's day but the academic consensus is that he was,,,wait for it...ENGLISH!
Probablyborn in Ravenglass Cumbria.

Happy Pats day all.
I thought St Paddy was Welsh. Anyway just got back from London and Paddy Day Parade, what has Hari Krishna got to do with Paddy? Couldn't get near the bar, fancy having only one bar for a Paddy Celebration. Hope the new Irish Guard's mascot behaved himself
Door to Door salesman, very sucessful in the Emerald Isle, sold them a load pish about getting rid of snakes.
One of the great con tricks of all time of course. An Englishman (Roman actually) selling an Irishman something he did not need in the first place!

No one else had noticed there were no snakes (well the long slithery ones anyway) in Ireland before then. A few words of mumbo-jumbo followed by a promise that the believers would never see a snake in "Hibernia" must have got him many a free meal and a bed for the night.
To Patrick and the Romans in general it was Hibernia - the smaller island off the coast of Brittanica. They made a few exploratory visits, declared it much too wet and cold (they were also somewhat impolite about the natives), and ignored it ever after. The name "Ireland" and the adulation of Patrick as a Roman Catholic saint came very very much later. Brilliant marketing however - probably the only Patron Saint known universally throughout the world!

Patrick's first sojourn was involuntary - he went as a hostage and a slave to herd sheep on a mountainside. However the damp Antrim weather must have softened his brain. He escaped to return to comparative civilisation in the larger isle. But amazingly volunteered to go back again.

And Northumberland is also a cold and rainy place for much of the time!!

It is probable that Patrick's father was a senior Civil Servant in a Roman settlement in the Haltwhistle (Northumberland ) area.
And the Roman community at Ravenglass (or at least one of the women there) may have hosted Patrick's father for a time.

Anyone know a good tailor!!
No one remembers Saint thingamy wots he called that rid Ireland of Moles. Now there is a saint to venerate.

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