Oi Paddy!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. Have a good one!
  2. Go raibh maith agat!!!

    OH went off early for shamrock parade followed by Mass and then drinking!! Not sure when I will see him again???!!!
  3. I'll forgo the church bit and go straight to the drink
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  4. Slainte.
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  5. Top O' the morning to you me lad!! Here's the Paddy Pictures which are playing right now this St Paddy's Day on the Sy Fy Channel:

    Paddy Pictures.JPG

    Fill yer boots me lad!:dwarf::dwarf::dwarf:
  6. Slainte...hic
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  7. I'll give you a shoulder to cry on.
    PS Please post a piccie of yourself!
  8. Q: What's green, five miles long, and has an ******** every two feet?

    A: A St. Patrick's Day parade.

    This applies especially in Montreal.
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  9. And to think yer man was a Scot - and not even a Roman Catholic! Happy Paddy's Day
  10. Feeling left out ?
  11. If being with a bunch of drunken French Quebeckers acting like Plastic Paddies for a day constitutes the "in" crowd, I'm glad to be left out.
  12. Sorry to spoil St Pat's day but the academic consensus is that he was,,,wait for it...ENGLISH!
    Probablyborn in Ravenglass Cumbria.

    Happy Pats day all.
  13. I thought St Paddy was Welsh. Anyway just got back from London and Paddy Day Parade, what has Hari Krishna got to do with Paddy? Couldn't get near the bar, fancy having only one bar for a Paddy Celebration. Hope the new Irish Guard's mascot behaved himself
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  14. Ah well that explains it then...
  15. Door to Door salesman, very sucessful in the Emerald Isle, sold them a load pish about getting rid of snakes.
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