oi oi!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by racheyblubird, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Newbie here, just thought I'd pop a wee hello on.

    Fairly sane, rational bird (though obviously have my irrational "time of month" moments!)

    My cousin told me to have a peek at the site as he felt it would suit my humour..... :eek:

    So, hello boys and gals!

  2. Hello.

    Do you allow four fully grown St Bernard dogs to lick your clam out whilst being filmed?
  3. Hello.....You're new here, arent you.....
  4. Hello Rach, you must have been named after my daughter; I hope you are as gorgeous :wink:
  5. I wonder if she goes anal first night like your daughter?
  6. oi oi...

    I take it you like saveloy......
  7. You've seen the film then??? :roll:
  8. Waiting to break her in, 6 months is a bit young, even for you.
  9. SMOOTH trev... like it ;-)

    I wouldnt give a man nightmare put it that way for now eh?
  10. Yes, I have often lobbed my muck over it. Especially the part where the big dog mounts you and enters your bottom. The best bit though is were the four doggies bukkake you at the end. Are you going to make another one?
  11. Should you be Raceyblubird?
  12. Prove it....Theres a gallery, you know.....
  13. Lord..... Am working on the xmas special now

    And I'm just humouring him trev 8)
  14. Capital T if you please Racey.
  15. I do apologise Trev :)