Oi Mr Blair, remember this when you go!

When Idiot Blair and his wife the Joker finally leave No. 10, I hope they can remember or they may conveinently forget the dirty work Blair got Chris patten to do in disbanding a loyal and brave Police Force to keep Gerry & Co happy.

Awards were made to members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary :

Knighthoods 7
C.B.E. 10
O.B.E. 64
B.E.M. 40
M.B.E. 231
Q.P.M. 139
K.P.M. 25
K.P.& F.S.M 22
George Medal 16
Queens Galantry Medal 103
Queens Commendation 111

A total of 300 RUC officers have been murdered during the Troubles.The IRA has killed 277, the INLA and IPLO 12 and loyalist terrorists eight. Three were murdered by unknown groups. In addition, four officers were killed by the security forces by mistake and over 9,000 injured during the course of their duties.

I hope you can sleep well at night Mr Blair, I bet the familys & loved ones wont forget the knife you put in the back of there memories.
498 British army personnel
301 Royal Ulster Constabulary officers
197 Ulster Defence Regiment personnel
24 Northern Ireland Prison Service officers
7 Royal Irish Regiment personnel
9 Gardaí (police officers in the Republic of Ireland)
6 Territorial Army personnel
6 police officers in England
4 Royal Air Force personnel
3 Royal Navy personnel
1 Irish Army soldier
IJ, I like your sentiments but this post is pointless. You are achieving nothing with this post apart from annoying relatives of murdered RUC GC officers. You are quite right, we will never forget what the Patton report did under Blair, but let us remember in private. Even 25 years and 1 day later, I still remember.

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