OI JPA Where the heckety heck have my quals gone??????????

Discussion in 'REME' started by two-four-albert, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Just printed out a record of mysef on JPA and it seems that its dumped any usefull quals I had and left the really usefull ones (Chieftan etc). Does this mean I have to search the attic again for the ancient paperwork :? Oh yes I'm standing by for the digs about pencil sharpening courses( THE IRON). :twisted:
  2. JPA.... don't you just LURRV it!

    I want to know what all the AGC Pay dudes do these days? :?
  3. Dont they use crayons on the tiffy course anymore mate. I thought most of your quals were done on slate mate :wink:

    seriously though havent they kept a pamphet print on your quals 24A.

    ps an old mate of yours at FRG is now my sunray :wink:

    edited to say switch to admin net for update out. :D
  4. New badge then Iron. Its no better, dont forget Ive been there, Scunny that is.
  5. Ive told you before twosup Ive got nothing but respect for you superior beings. Its just surprising that somebody of your presence, intelligence and power is a Scouser. :twisted:

    Ok Ill be in your intray at 0800hrs. sorry