OI!! Jamie Oliver: Someone in the USA gets it!! Spam cookhouses to go all healthy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Stonker, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Just encountered this report on the (US) Army Times website. Some interesting snippets in it, not least about the difficulties faced by US recruiters in finding potential recruits (the last part of the extract):

  2. So..........who ate all the pies?
  3. God dammit.

    I used to like popping in to the DFAC for a bit of fat boys....
  4. Does that mean I should post the other article I found, about the shift in Septic military attitudes to hermers in the military? :wink:
  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Has the Boardwalk in KAF been reopened after McChrystal shut it? Top move, that.
  6. Poor feckers, wholegrain pasta tastes like shit.

    If by Short Order bar the Yanks mean the burger bar, the queue for the short order bar won't be significantly limited. Indeed it will be greatly increased.

    Yeah, right ho! Because the Slop Jockeys in Afghanistan and Iraq can pick fresh fruit from the bounteous garden of eden found outside the wire. So it has to get shipped in. And what is going to get shipped, tins of beans and ammo, or perishables for that healthy Asparagus, Kumquat and Aardvark dropping salad that the Chefs plan on knocking up?

    Fit to Serve is the greatest issue pamphlet piece of comedy in the British Army. ONE PIECE OF BACON. I can't imagine the US is any different.

    Try eating less food dumbass. Think "No I won't have that 17th piece of Gateau".
  7. "Lance M. Bacon - Staff writer"....snigger.
  8. I am waiting with anticipation for the first pictures of a, shall he say ''well nourished'' sherman to pop up.

    You can see this thread going that way :)
  9. Don't ask,don't tell.
  10. I reckon that 60% of the American budget is spent on food. Put on about a stone in a week in Camp Doha. It's an eatathon. All that was lacking was a brothel and a pub. Hand the chef your plate and just follow it the other side of the hotplate. Once you have polished that off, you are free to back again or help yourself to the unlimited supply of magnum ice creams and alcoholic free beer from the chiller in the corner.
  11. I always found the scran out in theatre to be top notch. The Brit chefs do their utmost, and there was fresh when possible.

    American side....

    There was always good fresh and the lardy side. If you pile through the cheese burgers and fries for every meal with lashings of ranch sauce, a muffin or two and a couple of sodas to wash it down with... well.

    The salad was always rather nice and there was normally lots of melons.
  12. [​IMG]

    What no fries??
  13. We are only able to recruit about 25 percent of the population pool because the other 75 percent are too obese, have mental issues or a criminal past,” he said. “So the ones we’re really looking at are not in as good of shape as they were in the past.”

    So why bother fighting for all the fat lunatic thieves back home?

    Not sure he meant it to come out like that.
  14. [​IMG]

    Always amuses me.