Ohmigod! Making Walting illegal...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Vegetius, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. ...is a hoot 'cuz it annoys Airsoft Walts. Yay!

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  2. ...is yet more Neu Arbeit posturing; enforce existing law instead

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4686161.stm

    The Violent Crime Reduction Bill (being a Neu Abeit production) will make many replica weapons illegal, prime candidates being Airsoft BB weapons.

    Now, on the plus side, this is making everyone's favourite Walt Cult, Airsofters, run around in circles like headless chickens as they see their inalenable right to pretend to be top SF operators in the woods smashed to smithereens.

    OTOH, part of me (nice Libertarian Veg) thinks that we shouldn't tell people what they can and can't do, even extremely annoying Airsofters. We should tolerate them and post their piccies on ARRSE to chuckle at. If, as Derbyshire Police say, a problem is that people point airsoft weapons at cops and get shot, then to me it is quite clearly a nakedly Darwinian principle at work (i.e. if you are stupid enough to point a realistic replica firearm at an armed copper then your removal from the gene pool might not be an entirely bad thing).

    Discuss. Is making this form of Walting illegal (A) Hilarious (B) Worrying or (C) a bit of both?

  2. Bit of both though mostly worrying, as in, what happened to the principle of freedom of blahblah, including to take themselves out of the gene pool?

    Britain - land of the nannies and kindergarten babies. :evil:
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    B in my opinion. I wouldn't be seen dead 'Airsofting' but I can't see that it does any harm to anyone; similarly re-enacting, paintballing etc etc. The people who do it are, like target pistol shooters, being punished for other peoples' misdeeds, which seems to me to be contrary to natural justice.
  4. Heh heh! Typische Neu Arbiet. Go for the easy option (remove plastic guns from walts) and ignore the real issues by invoking a really silly raft of laws. Ok - so no-one will really notice the effect of removing these toys from the grasping, waltish and slightly moist hands of Walts, but what's next? Banning washing up liquid because it can be used as an accelerant (in the right hands - which get the added benefit of being lovely and soft)? Making it an offence to buy weedkiller? Preventing under 16s from buying batteries?

    Bit naff and tawdry really - perhaps we should enact a 'Peoples' Law' making being a thick, narrow-minded, blinkered, single issue focussed, 'go for the votes' politican an offence?

    Well, most of them offend me. Now, where's my Telegraph....
  5. The walt airsoft clans aren't the ones doing stupid things with their "guns". They are not going to throw away between £100 - £1000's worht of placky gun with go faster kit.

    Gun laws don't need tightening up the present laws need to be enforced to the legal limit.
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'd go along with that, with a small adjustment:

    Gun laws don't need tightening up the previous laws needed to be enforced to the legal limit.
  7. We had a similar situation a few years back when a cnut decided to shoot a bunch of people (bloody Tasmanians). So the government in it's infinite wisdom decided to remove a bunch of weapons from the market and tighten the laws. Instead they tightened the laws against the responsible gun owners (shooting is one of the safest sports in our country) and wasting money and pissing off the good, trustworthy folk out there. At the same time they ignored the real problem of illegal ownership and thousands of dollars worth of illegal gats hit the mainland!

    Honestly, common sense just isn't common enough.

  8. In My opinion, any one who decides to point a gun, be it replica, BB, or something that looks like a gun at the police deserve all they get.

    The majority of people who own such things, use then for the sports they were intended.

    The gun laws are fine how they are.

    Its just the politicians over reacting once again, and it wouldnt supprise me if the PC brigade were trying to jump on the band wagon.
  9. Following the Government's line of wisdom and logic, instead of banning lots of individual activities and items, wouldn't it be a lot easier just to ban crime? One simple law would make it an offense to commit a crime, and the Police would not have to call for the prohibiting of sharp objects/rude words/hard looks or whatever is next on their agenda....

  10. Section 69 for civvies?
  11. But this is paradigmatic of Neu Arbeit. I would argue that we’ve never had such an issue-driven government. Their policies tend to be hand-wringingly reactive and conciliatory to minorities, with very little thought given to the wider implications. They ignore previously enacted Laws and appear to feel the need to rush through badly drafted Bills that then need amending and adding to at a not-too-later date. Some of the blame, I believe, rests at the feet of the judicial arm of the state, as it’s their job to know all of the Laws in the Statute Book and to interpret them. We have plenty of existing Laws, which, if added to and amended, would cover many of situations that Tony feels the need to have new laws written for. It never ceases to amaze me, bearing in mind the number of ‘legal eagles’ in our Parliament, quite how so many the Laws that get approved appear to have Grand Canyon size loop-holes in them & how when we sign up for yet more EU policies that we seem to misread the small print & suddenly find we’re in breach of all sorts of agreements. All-in-all, Neu Arbeit are a shower of schitt.
  12. Airsoft and replicas are meant to be reproductions of the real thing, but the problem is telling them from the real thing.

    I know for a fact that recently a young ‘Ner-do well’ pulled out a pistol and aimed at an off duty ‘ole bill, and fired at him three times.

    Fortunately in this case it turned out to be a blank firer, but this was found out after the Copper had chinned the bloke and wrestled the gun off the lizard.

    It is about time that it is realised that if someone is going to act like a c0ck, then they are going to act like a c0ck.

    If someone is going to commit a crime then they will use, any resource possible to enable them to achieve their aim. Now if they use a ‘replica’ in such a way that people can’t tell if it as real or not then they would hopefully get five rounds rapid.

    The question that has to be asked is:

    Who is responsible for the crime, the person or the weapon?

    May be not very correct by I think Prince Philip made the same sort of comment:

    “So are you going to ban cricket bats then?”
  13. well although the amusement factor of those tits from nottingham uni airsoft being hunted down by armed police.
    I thought there was already harsh laws to deal with anyone using even a pretend gun in committing crime? maybe if people were caught and punished with the laws we already have :roll: that might be a start?
  14. Interesting thread and comments, especially when taken in view of the comments on other threads to the effect of people "not minding losing their rights as long as it makes them safer."

    I am not for one second suggesting banning replica weapons is in any way a sensible approach to combating the current threat, however I think its a better idea than ID cards....
  15. Criminal law spotter mode:

    Indeed there is. More than adequate, in fact, and it isn't very new legislation either.