Ohio Student Goes On Rampage...

Is the US losing control on gun crime?

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Ohio Student Wounds Five...

A 14-year-old student has shot himself dead after going on a shooting spree at his school in the US city of Cleveland, Ohio, the city's mayor has said.
Mayor Frank Jackson said five people were wounded when the teenager entered the SuccessTech Academy and walked down a corridor on the fourth floor firing.

Two teenage boys and two adults were shot while a teenage girl injured her knee while fleeing, Mr Jackson said.

Local media reported the attacker had been unhappy at having been suspended.

FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Is the US 'losing' control infers it actually had control in the first place!
Yeah, good point. :oops: I guess I mean, losing more control...?
There you go. Edited. <--- Mong.
Well done mate, you've successfully given me an inferiority complex :D
Dirty bugger. I think that this has now become a two person forum.
Mental illness I think you'll find.
... with connections to militant Icelandic Buddhists.
well well well, would you look at that - must be one of those Somali Christians eh?


who'd of thought it?

i feckin did!

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