Oh woe, Oh Woe

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. It is horrible, I thought it was something that happened to other people.... I mean Older People. But....

    I went to the shitter, and whilst looking down admiring the tackle, I noticed it, shining like a beacon in the depths of night. If it had a face it would be laughing.

    It was a grey pube ahhhhh. Is this it my slide to dribbling, cardigans and slippers has started, can I defeat it....... and is there HOPE.
  2. I remember when I found my first grey pube...it was in a kebab
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  3. That's the thing about fucking grannies.
  4. Ha! You should worry! I can't even see a grey one any more!
  5. Welcome to Werther's
  6. Grey pubes?

    From now on you must spend all your time in the sh*d thread and anything you post about weapons must end in "the SLR was better"
  7. But I do spend most of my time in the shed and the SLR was better....
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  8. Fuck, and I thought that grey hairs on my chest was a disaster....grey pubes....now that's unimaginable.
  9. Jarrod doesn't love you any more.
  10. Tell the other half/laundress/self, not to use bleach when washing shreddies!!!
  11. Ye gods!! Somewhere in your home is a Haynes manual for a car you've never owned isn't there?
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  12. I confess to have 3. One for a Ford Escort Mexico, One for a vauxhall cavalier (But the mice have had that), and one for a fiat 128.
  13. Welcome to the world of oldies. Next it will be hair spouting from your nose and ears.

    Just to cheer you up even more :)