Oh! Whats occuring

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Is it me, or has it gone a bit limp in the Int Corps Forum recently?

    I just feel it is not quite on a par with how it has been in the past.

    Happy to be shot down in flames. :desertsoldier:
  2. i was going to explain that it is just apathy but... i really can't be bothered.
  3. Everyones on deployment or PDT.
  4. PDT



    All of the above
  5. Or even on civvy street. It is not exactly Abbots is it...
  6. Perhaps people are too busy wondering where their assignment orders are...........
  7. Perhaps they're all pretending that they're spies?
  8. Most have been COISTED good and proper.

    If not then they are in high enough positions that they need to lubricate those that have been COISTED with the ever changing plans, equipment, training and requirements that stagging on at a FOB will need.
  9. How do you join the Corps?
  10. Fail the entrance exam for Royal Signals Spec Op and they recruit you there and then.
  11. Don't you need the special hand shake and a liking of bum love?
  12. Not to join, however both may help on promotion boards. :)
  13. Nah, trying to work under a CoC that think they're spies.
  14. The CoC think they are spies or the the CoC think that those below them are spies? 8O :?

    I wish I was a spy sometimes. Just for fun I sprinkle talcum around the window ledges and check to see if it has been disturbed, I read it in a book once.
  15. Yeah that one.