Oh! what a surprise.......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gundog, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Just been announced on sky news that "Downing St. had nothing to do with the decision to allow the 15 to sell their stories"

    Hmmmmm...........let me think about that for a while....ive thought about it, what a crock!
  2. Why did you feel the need to start ANOTHER thread about this. Are you bored or just stupid.
  3. Is there anyone left in this entire country (with reasonable intelligence) who believes anything that comes from Downing Street?? (especially no. 10)
  4. Surely it's just as worrying that he didn't know anything about something as important as this, than if he'd have made the decision himself. Does he know anything that's going on in his Cabinet?
  5. ...beat me to the punch.

    Surely his not knowing is as serious as his knowledge? I suspect our glorious leader has covered himself in Teflon to get away with this but, to be honest, I don't know why. His party are going to be (one must hope) fcuked off to high port next time the electorate get a chance to vote on it.
  6. Really? Oh well it must be true then.
    I mean, the PMs official spokesman wouldn't lie would he?
    And Tony Bliar is a lawyer isn't he?
    Oh and so is Des Browne
    And they are never economical with the truth are they?
  7. "Hello pot this is kettle colour check over". If it annoys you so much why respond?
  8. Ah the old Ronnie Reagan alibi- I don't know anything about it. Lets hope TB gets alzheimers pretty soon.
  9. never mind Alzheimers I hope he gets cancer of the arrse and face
  10. Alzheimers is too kind he would forget what he's done to the country
  11. No I can assure you that number 10 had nothing to do with it - now where do I collect my knighthood?
  12. It doesn't annoy me, it bores me rigid.
  13. Because there are ENOUGH existing threads talking about absolutely anything and everything to do with the 15, FT, Mr Batchelor, HMG's response before AND after, what FT's dog is called, how much FT's dog cost, the name of FT's daughter, the name of FT's husband, whether FT takes it up the dirtbox, why she doesn't, the advantages if she did, why her mother's influence should have made her decide that three in a bed is fine, how much money she's made, how much she spent on fags, how much she spent on cigarettes, whether passive smoking dangers your health in a captive environment, whether the officers were tossers, as they were tossers, why wasn't FT in charge as she was the biggest, why she would be good in a scrum, why she wouldn't, why she's so ugly, why you would even though she's so ugly, what she thinks about the sweeper system, what she thinks of nuclear energy, what she thought about nuclear energy when somebody told her what it was, why she talks funny, why the Cornwall is happy she's gone, what Bliar thinks about it, what Cherie thinks about it, what the Abingdon branch of the WI think about her, why some tramp in Slough claims to be a long lost love child of hers, why she likes table tennis, why she likes table tennis with Iranian bats, why she thinks the administrative capital of East Timor should be moved, why her favourite colour is blue, why everybosy else's favourite colour is blue in particular the crew of the Cornwall, why she has been given so much attention, why 80k doesn't buy that much attention, why Sir Trevor didn't fit on the path as she was too fat, why she wore white to look slim, why it failed, why she doesn't care and nor do I.

    Get my drift?
  14. Aaaaaaaand , breathe.
  15. You could always turn it into another 17 pages of anal one liners and rubbish jokes...

    That would be far less annoying.