Oh very Sarf Effrican indeed...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

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  2. Brown is the new Green sweetie. The Army should be two things - Classy and Fabulous; and I'm glad that the Army is taking fashion seriously. It still has an issue with the need to promote Ambi-Turners on drill though.
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  3. At least we now all know that next ops will be somewhere temperate and temperate DPM will follow on about 6 months in.
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  4. The foxhounds that came into Herrick last year are already that colour. I can't really see that much difference. It's more like a darker desert buff tone, not really brown. Unless the image from the Guardian doesn't do it justice.

    Could it be nearer these shades?

  5. Aah, the good old "sharky". A cunning mix of shit and khaki. Good camoflage for hiding in latrine pits and mud holes.
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  6. If you're going into the jungle, make a statement.
    If you're going to fight, clash!

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  7. Good Morning!
  8. I thought Khaki was the Hindi for 'shit'?
  9. Just felt like it.

    [serious head] Hindi for "soil" or "dirt" - can't remember which[/serious head]
  10. The Hindi comes from Persian "xaki", earth coloured, I believe.
  11. The fashionistas in our mob called it nutria back in the day.
  12. Or "browns".
  13. Er no! it,s shit...you ever been to India? you can smell it 50 miles off shore.
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  14. That's true that is.