Oh, the humanity! Owen Jones and stuff . . .

The disagree is because they were caught. C'mon, I've just mentioned the 11th a short time ago. I expect better from you. Soldier on. ;)
Ah but will they stay caught. It ain't over until it's over. Given the recent history over here, if it was here it could even prove to be a false flag op. ;-)

ETA I am still in my safe space after being triggered by your overly aggressive, and may I say facist, big red X.
This case will be an interesting test of the independence of the judiciary. If the victim were not Jones, offences of this nature would be bread and butter to the magistrates' court. I don't know what the penalty upon conviction would be, or if the case could be serious enough to move to Crown Court. The injuries sustained by Jones seem minor.
Are any Arrsers JPs? The Bench is, iirc.
I gues

I guess it depends on the case, as we saw here with Smollett.
Just googled it, and reams came up. Sorry,not going to plough through it. Without meaning to thread drift, what's the matter with people? I don't know what the recruit of a year or two(?) ago in our Army was called. I believe the court found in his favour. If he'd been captured did he think that his captors would stop at calling him after Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC + dog?


If Jones was a proper Jurno he would under stand why this could jeopardise a court case, but he,s not. I hope the trial collapse.
And he ends up in the dock for contempt or prejudicing a trial or whatever sticks.
Jones isn't a trained journo. He got an English degree from Oxbridge and his first job was as a researcher for John McDonnell.
Exactly - how other folk seem to refer to him as a journalist i.e. reporting/investigating events when really he just gives his opinion.


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Exactly - how other folk seem to refer to him as a journalist i.e. reporting/investigating events when really he just gives his opinion.
He has form for calling himself a journalist, to big himself up, then when he gets called out when he screws things up he claims only to be a columnist.

If you cast your mind back to the heady days of the Labour Leadership election followng the the departure of Ed Miliband, he actively campaigned against Corbyn as Labour Leader, but in the months and years that followed he went all in to protect his status and kudos on the left, hypocrite that he is.

Jones is a follower not a leader or a opinion maker.

Shame he did have some integrity once upon a time.
@rampant - True, although when, or if, he had any integrity must have been very early on.
I reckon his celebrity has got hold of his ego and he considers himself the story.
Seeing his faux blokey interviews with those he happily condemns it's a pity a few folk don't just tell him to do one and stop wasteing their time.

I doubt his trying to get personal details of his attackers will go against him as it could, or even should, - he'd probably try interview them to keep it all about him.
I'd be highly amused if they were just blokes who thought they'd have a laff and push the gobby bloke off the TV over - not politically motivated etc.

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