Oh, THAT Yusuf Islam. Sorry.

Yusuf Islam, formerly the pop singer Cat Stevens, was allowed to board at Heathrow on a flight to Washington, D.C. His flight, however, was diverted to Bangor, Maine, where he was deported upon the basis that he was on the "no fly list."

Mr. Islam, I've read, has consulted with his attorneys and plans on suing the United States.

"Time magazine, in its on-line edition, quoted aviation sources with access to the 'no-fly' list as saying there is no entry on the list under the name 'Yusuf Islam,' but that there is a 'Youssouf Islam' on the list....

"Because Islam's name is spelled 'Yusuf' on his passport, said the sources, he was allowed to board a plane in London bound for the United States.

"The US Transportation Safety Administration alleges that Islam has links to terrorist groups, which he has denied."

"Cat Stevens Deportation Linked To Spelling Error: Report"

Mr Happy

Excellent, a bunch of US Int. Analysts getting together on September 12th....

[Boss]"Right guys, we need to impress people that we're safeguarding them and scaring them at the same time, how many people have we got on the no-fly list at the moment Chip?"

[Chip]"20 people - I updated it this morning - it was 2 - a Mr. I Hateyanks and Mr O Bin Laden, the other 18 I got from yesterdays passenger lists".

[Boss]"Shit that's no good, we need more, lots more, google "America hate" and see how many hits we get."

[Chip]"3,220,000 boss.."

[Boss]"Get working - pull out everyname you associate"

And there you have, US no-fly policy formed.

Mr Happy

I found it in the back of a taxi in the red light district of Amsterdam... Oh no, hold on, that was the "how bring peace to Iraq" doc.

The opening lines of that doc read "Forces are to move from Saigon/Baghdad to the nearest port of embarkation", apparently the original paper was written by some guy called Rumsfeld in 1972 and they were just updating it...

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