OH SH*T: Blair for EU president

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by predatorplus, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. from MSN news

    yep its true... no wonder he wanted the UK to be under more and more EU control...
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So Broon is not going to be top dog after all!!!
  3. It won't happen, he's far to pro American for the EU, think about it before you know it he would have EUROFOR hitting the Iranian beaches with the USMC
  4. SO he will go from the people of one Country hating him

    to being hated by the people of 27 Countries
  5. He probably would have walked into the job if it hadn't been for Iraq. Us British are more reserved in our hatred for the Deranged Leader, but imagine the reaction of the Germans and French - the protests would make the G8 riots look small.

    I think a EU president is - on balance - a good thing, but it should be a symbolic role occupied by someone other than a career politician, be it someone at the forefront of literature, science, the arts etc..
  6. well everyone wants to progress in their career...
  7. The EU presidency was designed deliberately to provide for a short period of tenure to prevent a cult of 'personality' from developing or being developed by any president. It allows policy to be developed independently of the 'will of the leader' as happened in the Germany from 1933 and in this country under 'Thatcher' and 'Blair'.

    I passionately believe in the European Union and would not like to see the purpose for which it was contructed subverted and undermined by the Silvio Berlusconi of British Politics
  8. Thank god for that I read it wrong and thought my bold read he was thinking of being a front line Troop, and was joining the TA. Panic over but would of been interesting.
  9. I do not believe a word that comes out of No10.

    For Bliar to freely admit that his aspiration is to take over as the new EU president whilst signing the UK up to a bastardised EU “Treaty” (the name change is pure semantics to avoid a national referendum on the constitution and avoid certain defeat) would be seen as selling UK sovereignty for a plum job.

    Bliar has IMO been moving towards this for a considerable amount of years:



    Do you really believe him?

    I would trust the slimey oik as far as I could throw him!!!!!
  10. :twisted: does this mean he gets to fcuk europe up as well as he has here???

    Or mess with uk but from europe ??

    Good riddance to B liar and the bliar witch ! :twisted:
  11. So there is a plan to re-introduce the European Constitution without actually calling it that so we can avoid the inconvenience of actually asking the population if they want it.
    When this constitution is slipped in there is a plan to make Tony (thetwat) Blair the un-elected permanent president.

    Is it just me or have we suddenly stepped into a slightly less democratic country than Stalin would have settled for?
  12. all that could prove that he knew that he would be kicked out after the war in iraq, all those dates are just during the war in iraq...

    so he signed us up to all the EU controled stuff and then planned to run for EU big shot??

    little rat... do we get to vote on who become EU boss??
  13. The first thing that the dear leader will do after leaving office is to embark on the US lecture and public speaking circuit in order to make his pile of cash. Then, after a suitable period, he will sign a massive deal with a publisher for his memoirs and make even more £££'s. After all he and the wide mouthed frog need to keep up the payments on the huge mortgage that they signed for their new London mansion a couple of years ago.
  14. No wonder he doesn't want a referendum on the EU constitution.
  15. More twists and turns to avoid a referendum:




    Framework detail on the EU President:

    EU president

    For example, the new treaty is likely to follow the constitutional treaty in proposing an EU President – to be appointed by the European Council for two-and-a-half year terms. The constitutional treaty proposed that the president would have to be a former head of Government, and would not be allowed to hold a current national office. This means that unlike in the present system, whereby member states’ Prime Ministers or Presidents head the EU for six months at a time, the President of the Council would have no direct link to any citizens of the EU. Indeed, by definition he or she would be likely be either retired or have been recently rejected by national voters.

    The opportunity to steer the direction of the EU for 6 months that the current system affords each member state would be taken away. This would deprive each member state of a chance to propose its own measures and agenda. It would mean setting up another powerful, independent Brussels institution. Control of the 3,500 civil servants in the Council Secretariat would give the President a substantial power base – and the president would have an incentive to expand its own powers. The new President would fundamentally change the nature of the legislative process in Brussels. Instead of negotiations between the supranational Commission and a national head of Government with a vested interest in protecting the rights of member states, negotiations would in future take place between one unelected, independent Brussels institution and another.

    Many also see the President as a stepping stone to a US-style President of Europe. The author of the constitutional treaty, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, has already suggested that the new President of the Council will later be merged with the President of the Commission, and be directly elected.

    Nicolas Sarkozy has also recently backed making the President directly elected. During the negotiations on the constitution Jack Straw said the UK “would have preferred to have explicit separation of those two posts”. The UK Government tried to block an amendment which allows the two posts to be merged, but it later gave way.

    The sneaky underhanded way Bliar and his European cronies have tried to railroad this issue despite huge home nation opposition is completely undemocratic. Below is a list of "quotes" by various cronies to hoodwink this issue into existence:

    Anything that unites European leaders in collusion against thier own voters wishes, I treat with proportional skepticism and am curious what personal benefits they will accrue.