Oh really?........

Britain must be prepared to pay a "blood price" to secure its special relationship with the US, Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the BBC ahead of talks on Iraq with President Bush.....


Oh fcucking really?  Thanks for consulting us.....

Well if that "blood price" includes Blair's assassination and terrorist attacks on his family during Gulf War II, I'll be proud of him and his patriotic sacrifice.......


Unlikely that the President of the UK will have to make any sacrifices himself-he will no doubt bravely let us do it for him and sing our praises at the memorial service about how well we fought hand to hand with the enemy because our shaggin rifles didn't work
At least ID-S had the decency to serve!!  :mad: :mad: :mad:
wasn't it 70 odd years ago, that another politician, faced with his populations desire for negotiation, and a bit of sabre-rattling, as opposed to a smash and grab, said.....

"Do you want Guns or Butter"?

To preserve our special relationship with the fcuking Spams?

You're taking the piss bluppet, and I can guarantee, if they run the opinion polls tomorrow, you'll have to call a snap election.

Where's the bloody proof? Your armed forces are not saying "we won't fight" of course we bloody will.

We're saying, "We can't fight" or is the NAO report propping up a wonky table leg in 10 Downing Street?

We can't afford it, we can't fight it,we haven't got the manpower, so what the hell are we doing?

Where's the fcuking proof, thats been promised since God knows when. Oh that's right, it's still being collated.

Bollox, it'll be the greatest work of fiction, since Hans Cristian Andersen cracked his knuckles and said....I feel a story coming on, and it'll be about as realistic.

Now I suppose we're going to have another atrocity on 9/11/02 are we?

Sorry, but that smary bastard, talking about "Blood Sacrifice"

Whenever these bastards posture, it's all down to some poor sod, going into a doorway in some shithole, heart thumping, hoping his oppo is switched on.

Bluppet, it's really fcuking simple. Listen to the British people. WE WILL FIGHT, WE WANT PROOF.

Not, oh, he may pose a danger in the future....

Yep, so does the Ukraine, so does China, so does upper MobutuBongo land. But they haven't got the world's second largest oil reserves now, have they.

I heard one fcuking idiot spam academic advisor to Bush, state plainly, that the Iraqi people will be cheering us in all the way to the broom cupboard that Saddam will be hiding in.

Bollox you spam prick. These are the same "gutless" individuals, that lost a million men fighting the Iranians to a standstill. Because we've fostered a nice siege mentality in these people, the moment Saddam says "They are the cause of your misery, go slot one for Allah"it'll be like the fcuking Imjin river all over again.

...all because, a bunch of oilmen and industrialists, engineered an election. That fcuking evil bitch Ms. Rice, the most venomous political cow i have ever heard, pushing her oil company interests. She makes Golda Meir and the Blue-Rinsed trout look like Mother Theresa

Was it just me, that saw Rumsfeld briefing the US Marines?

We all know, we've been there. if we get some head shed, trying to feed us crap, the boredom suppression device soon breaks, and we show it.

How many of those Marines were saying "Yeah, let's go YeeHarrrr" Not fcuking one, they looked at each other . looked away, they weren't swallowing a fcuking word.

Contrast that with GWB briefing them on Kuwait, or Clinton informing them, that they would be needed to fight to protect US interests after the embassy bombings. Now, right there, was a bunch of motivated Grunts. It's all bollocks, it really is.

Get the Inspectors back in there, get a Carrier Force steaming off the coast, to reinforce what will happen if he screws them about again, Get us on Op. Deny Christmas in Kuwait, waiting for the go. Follow the bloody UN mandate. The UN is there for a reason, to make politicians pause for thought.

But, the way Bush and Blair are going, I'll have Iraq ahead of me, and the entire Arab world on my flanks, looking to do me harm.

Jesus, if the Arabs want a dialogue with the bloke,as a precursor to any action and after all, they have the most to fear, then why the hell aren't we?

Chamberlain came back with a peace in our time agreement. he knew it wasn't fit to wipe his arrse with. But he knew it bought him valuable time to get BritFor up to scratch. We go in now, the quality of soldierey not withstanding, we're looking for a kicking.

Rant switch to safe.....

Sorry, red mist. :mad:
Another contributor remarked, that not stopping Iraq was gagging for a major world crisis.

Not stopping Mugabe, will do the same thing. If we and the commonwealth don't stop him now, Zim will be the Balkans of Africa, and swiftly envelop SA and others....

So, if we're going to fight in the name of geo-strategy, i think we better protect our gold, diamonds, titanium and platinum interests as well.

What do you mean we already did that in africa? That was a peacekeeping operation, Shurely shome mishtake?

Eagle, what you gonna call this theoretical revolutionary force? -lol

That's it, I'm running for parliament.

Manifesto. Armed Forces and Public Services first. Better accomodation for those sectors, better pay and conditions. Year Zero immigration policy, I don't give a rats if you're Black white or polkadot. Do you have a skill we need? Welcome on board.

Closer auditing of the Defence industry. How much you say for that new rifle? I think you need to go sharpen your pencil mate.

Closer economic ties with the most powerful trading block on earth, the BRITISH commonwealth. A reduction in "Aid" but money diverted to training programmes toward self-suffiency. Aid only in emergencies.

I'll stop there, cos I my head hurts, and I keep seeing flashes of torchlit rallys and that  :-[


War Hero
Betweem Army RN and Crabs thats almost 200000 bods in uniform working for this country.  While none of these people can join a union, they should still be able to have a voice in whitehall other than that of the MoD.  Maybe there should be an MP for the forces who is capable of giving Hoon and Blair a bit of a hard time whenever a new commitment is announced.  A prerequisit of this post should be that they have served.


There already is: the Armed Forces Minister, who has never served.

As for "blood Sacrifice", I seem to remember that Blair and his party were against the first Gulf War and it was the bleeding heart liberals that stopped the job being done properly first time.

But could we really deploy in the same way as we did for GW 1?