Oh puke!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Provost, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. I blame the ginger thread for influencing him to take her back.
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  2. Bet Philip is overjoyed with the news!
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  3. Neanderthals, the lot of them!
  4. Do you know what, I think its nice that regardless of their own faults (and who of us in life hasn't fucked up at some point) and all the shit thrown at them by the tabloids, that two people have been able to remain friends, be good parents, and found happiness together again

    Not enough of it in the world

    Sorry if that makes me a drippy wet fart!
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  5. Dammit all, my giveafuck meter has gone on the blink again.....

  6. That made me quite emotional, thanks for that, thats a nice start to a Sunday.....
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  7. Personally, I'd happily cross a busy dual carriageway to be certain that it was indeed my ex-wife on fire on the opposite hard-shoulder. If I had a jerrycan of benz to hand I'd take it with me.
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  8. And they say romance is dead :)
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  9. He's covered for wedding gifts. A 2nd hand Fiat Uno with minor body damge that he's been trying to offload since 1997.
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  11. Sounds good. Do you cover Worksop?
  12. Go where the work is mate, which politician said get on yer bikes?
  13. She probably wants to renew the chopper licence but can`t afford the fees.

  14. well I quite like Fergie,and I wish them both happiness in the future.