Oh, oh! Redundancies!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baddass, Jun 26, 2003.

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  1. Anyone watch that kunt Hoon on TV this afternoon.  He doesn't half spin out his sh*t.  Took him quite a few 'soft blows' before he made a strong hint at the 'restructuring' of 'Our Armed Forces'.  

    He kept making comparisons between theatres in order to justify himself.  He went on to compare Afghanistan to Iraq, which I found a bit strange.  They may have be in the same continent, but that's really where the similarity ends as far as our contribution goes.  In case he hasn't noticed, there's only about 180 Brits out there just now and its been that way for over a year.  The remainder were all brought back for the Gulf and we handed over Kabul to the Germans, who didn't fancy Iraq much.  How can he draw similarities there?  

    So, after allowing the Forces to do someone elses work (FFs), allowing them to go into a war (the legitamacy of which is now in serious question), announcing that they intend to save £4 Bn per annum by denying us or the future soldier our full pension rights (another winning move).......they now want to cut us in number?

    Now, I'm all for modernisation and if that means 'restructuring', then so be it.  The bit I cannot fathom however, is that in the same breath, these kunts tell us that we are seeing more conflict post cold war and that with the emergence of militarily active small nations, etc, we will be engaged in even further and wider conflicts.

    His aim appears to be, to cut us in size and provide us with superior equipment to compensate, which will allow us to take on the 'new challenges' that the future holds.

    By 'new challenges', do they mean that they intend to hold a re run of Options for Change, sack loads more of TA, then expect them to accept the treatment recently shown, introduce the SA 80 A3, expect us to pay for private medical care  and to buy the kit we need for Ops, as there isn't any in the QMs?

    Isn't this how self employed people go about life?

    Anyone fancy starting a franchise?  If we get in early, we'll make a killing.  I'm sure we can undercut the Marines in any future tenders.  We can even advertise in the Quest magazine!

    PS.  I must apologise to everyone (less Blow_Man) for the excessive use of the word 'kunt' in many of my recent posts.  But I am a tad 'academically challenged' you see and my vocabulary therefore doesn't provide for  better adjective applicable to the Labour Government.  Sorry.
  2. Well said!
  3. I need to go and buy "PFI for Dummies" from Amazon then, I see a business opportunity opening up.
  4. Right everyone stand by ...

    I am about to agree with Ma...

    Ma, for once a total quality post (with the use of kunt totally applicable).  Maybe there is hope for you after all.  

    And the idea of providing a PFI Army is outstanding, I believe if you send a recruiting van to Colchester now you will pick up quite a few takers..providing that they can have at least a couple of months with family between tours!!

    Let me help out

    Labour Government = Clueless Useless Noshing Tossers
  5. Well put Ma_sonic,

    My heart grows heavier the more I see and hear.

  6. Well it wouldn't be too diffucult if you think about it....

    Step 1 Government issues OJEC notice and writes output specification for provision of armed forces services that has huge section on Labour Party face-saving operations, equal opportunities for lesbian single parents in wheelchairs to join the Royal Wheelchair Fusileers (1 RWF) and asylum seekers. Bugger all is said on important matters such as operations as this is left to the service provider to define clearly.

    Step 2: I set up "Army (Holdings) Ltd" and respond to the OJEC notice with a bid. Key Performance Indicators in the output spec require me to provide forces of equal gender/race/sexuality/religious balance (proportional to the populous, with thye odd token white and middle class (Guardian reading) officer) for just about every foreign jaunt El Presidente wishes to engage on. KPIs will financially penalise any conflict/operation undertaken which does not make B Liar look good or which are undertaken while the populous questions the will of "Trust-Me Tone".

    Step 3: Win bid and for a payment of £1 all army assets transfer to Army (Holdings) Ltd for me to manage and maintain on a 25 year contract, during which time there will be at least 1 total refresh of all army kit. Risk is amortised into 1 large payment made in 12 monthly installments.

    Step 4: Assets capitalised over 12 years of contract, so for last 13 rake in huge ££

    Hand back Army in 25 years when next Conservative Govt elected.
  7. Sandline has been doing it for years  ;)

    The notion that they cut the men, but provide better kit is total shyte, and has been proved time and again.

    There is no, repeat, NO, substitute for squaddies that can do the job with nothing. Look at the Yanks, and some of ours for that matter, who can 'really' map read? Who relies on GPS? What happens if you run out of batteries? Just a small example but you get the picture.

    This is bad news.
  8. Ma

    Best get this idea off the ground and quick before Woopert steals it....
  9. What's to steal, the Crabs are already doing it with their tanker fleet, and AAC/JHC did it with RW training, this is just extending the principle.
  10. What these politico knobheads do not take on board is:

    Civvy street-- Smaller workforce means more efficient.

    Military-- Smaller workforce means outnumbered.

    Ask Custer.
  11. Anyone watch News Night last night?  Paxman had Hoon against the ropes for a while......then let go?  Not only is the quality of our politicians going down the pan........its being joined by the quality of our investigative journalists.  Tell you what Jezzer (in case you ever read this).....you're going soft mate.  You'll be appearing on coffee ads and 'Can't Cook , Won't Cook' soon!

    I think that programmes such as this, should be hosted by a Squaddies Wife.........a big one wiv a bat!
  12. mkw

    mkw Swinger

    well its on the way     (FRES)
  13. This is because it is the Blair Broacasting Corporation in full effect where the rules of Greg "Labour supporter" Dyke prevent the real grilling of any Labour politician, and where bias is evident all over the place. Just ask their political editor, Andrew Marr, who is married to a Labour spin doctor.

    If only I could find a copy of Eagle's "Well done corporate news" posters  :-/
  14. Which of course accounts for Andrew Marrs hideous brown-nosing, until circumstances dictated he had to report the facts for a change

    Give the Job to the BBC's defence correspondent, Forces - friendly and not afraid to upset politicians

    Top bloke  ;D
  15. Anyone who had actually seen the interview would wonder what all of you are getting so worked up about. I have just watched it on the net.  (Go to the BBC website, search for Newsnight and you could watch the whole programme if you so desire).

    The talk from Herr Buffoon was all about re-structuring forces, buying loads of Eurofighters and tanks.  Herr Buffoon even had to defend that. (Which he did not do very convincingly, I have to say).

    So, why all the talk of redundancies......no, you're all right.  They are definitely hiding something.  Not once, during the talk of more kit being ordered was there talk of the extra manpower that would be required to maintain and operate it.  Something bad is definitely being planned.  They just haven't gotten round to figuring out where it will land! :-/ :'(