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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Frankie88, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. It could not of happend at a more worse time. I have just had the most disastrous run of my life....... ever! I have never been so bad. I have 6 days to go till RSC.I have been training since April but was taken out with food poisoning last week and today was day 1 back after the bout of illness. I could not even run the mile and a half and today was the first run in almost 9 days I was in agony with stiches and tight chest... is this normal after a week out of training .. usually I run mile and half in 11.30 ish but with less than a week to go what has happened??!! I have decided to OD my self with water the next 24 hours as I may be dehydrated ... any one got any tips for me. I am gunna run like a mob of angry zombies are running after me every day till tuesday now and really work it out..... argh!!! wat a let down :-( If i run like i did today at RSC i will fail out right as the time was disgusting for someone who has been training for the past 3 months!!!

    soooo mega fustrated I feel as if i have let myself down :( :x
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

  3. You have just had a really bad illness. your body needs time to recover. stressing will not make it better and neither will pushing your self like a tw@t

    Take it day at a time, eat well, drink well and just do some run,walk training. ignore the times for now, it will not do you anygood.

    And alternate your cardio workouts. try some swimming in between.

    Keep me posted mate! good luck! but do NOT stress. it'll make it worse
  4. 11 mins 30....do you crawl?
  5. When I first started running back end of april I was running it in 13.30 and i have run it in 10.15 back when i initially put my first application in 2 years ago. So i am quite happy with my improvement atm. I know I can do better but it does take time ... Bear in mind I am female and not male and that I got a max of 14 mins at RSC next week although I know I can run it in sub 11 and I will run my arse off next week
  6. ok because your female thats a good time....my bad
  7. am I suposed to take that as a criticism?
  8. Stop and let your body recover... do a light jog the day before the test, then suck it up and kick ass when it counts.
  9. I'm impressed! if your worried ,think this time, just do enough to pass. next time your time would have improve coz your better and they'll be impressed as your getting your times down

  10. I had lots of applicants in the same boat and my advice to you is to go into your Recruiter and ask him to delay your RSC date. He can phone ADSC allocations and ask for another date a week or so later which will be better for you both for medical and fitness reasons. If your body isnt 100% your more likely to have heart murmor and not do your best on the fitness. Wont be a problem and if your Recruiter is like I was (and many others) would agree with me.
  11. Do what IRON said if you can! makes perfect sense!
  12. don't hammer yourself. you get no prizes for it just pass and then build on that result.
  13. It wasn't criticism, Frankie, it was acknowledgement that female recruits have lower entry requirements to males.

    Although that, in itself, could be construed as criticism. But I'm sure it wasn't meant in that manner.
  14. Frankie, the odd day you will get a sh!tter time, as long as the trend is improving. Also I garauntee ( sorry if I miss spelt that) that when you are running with other people at RSC and the adrenalin, you will get the quickest time you will have done so far! So dont delay your dates!
  15. ah ok its just you can never tell over computer the way things are meant to be said so i thought i would ask first before ranting lol